I got seeds is germination necessary???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ganjhorticultur, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. Alright i picked up my seeds today gonna grow some swiss adopted climate skunk what's the first step? Should i plant them in a pot with some nice soil or does germination increas my yield?

    First timer!
  2. just germinate em.....it goes faster......or, i dont know if it goes faster, but it seems like it.....

    ay'ways, u know how to germinate right???
  3. yea first timer, I think im just gonna have nature take its course and put em in soil and when they re like 10 cm big ill plant them in bigger pots or in the ground. Does that sound good?
  4. Thats all l ever do .

    l don,t beleive it effects yeild.
  5. Im thinking about planting 10 in cups and then choosing the best 6 to grow. Then later ill see which are males and get rid of em or grow em away from my lovely ladies! Are six a lot how much ganj can i expect from that?
  6. "Are six a lot how much ganj can i expect from that?"

    lt all depends on how ya grow and what type ya growing.

    l normally grow one or two plants under a 1000w hydro set up and get between 32oz and 50 oz depending on strain :D.

    But 6 plants under fluoro,s might get ya a few ozs.

    Best advise is to read a few grow guides and decide on your type of grow.

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