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I got ripped the fuck off

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazed4dayz, Nov 24, 2011.

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    edit: My dealers were dry or not picking up, so I asked a friend for a link. ended up coming to my house. he called his buddy, his buddy came through and said yeah. we missioned to said location to meet up with buddy, who took us to a house where on the side, i saw my other buddy and then the guy whose house it is. had a roor. anyways i wanted to pick up a quad, and i find out its not buddy#1 who im gettin chops from, but the owner of the house. so im like uhm..ok. *i started to get a bad feeling* then we get the deal going, and i give him the 70$ as he hands me this thing wrapped in paper..and i already felt like it was light.I open it up up and behold, max 2-3 grams, i call BS and every1 starts chipping in, 1 says its 4g, another 4.5g, and the owner said 5.5g. I was like you kiding me? thats like 3 max. little nugs the size of your pinky or 2nd last finger nails and a ton of stem. bad trim. so im like no i dont want to get ripped of. so he gives me 10$ back, and we argue a bit more. Then he just dips..into his house. leaving us there. buddy who was at the owners house had cards so we just played foreign card games for like 30m in the cold. we were so high already. then we dipped and went our own ways.

    tldr; shoulda decked the kid in the face. and forced my $$$ back. cause i just grinded this shit up and it is max - 1.5g.

  2. Thats why you never give the money before the bud. Look at what you're buying first, it's not complicated...:rolleyes:
  3. How do you get played and have the guy walk in his house right infront of you? He was probably waiting for you to knock and shit to see if he's gonna give you the rest of your stuff. Or call. I understand your buddies may of thought it was more though so don't mean to rag on you, but he walks in his HOUSE after ripping you off, lol. Don't complain call or go there and demand some money back. Is it $20/g or $10/g there? Are you sure it's only 1.5g? Grinded shit is smaller
  4. Nah you gotta fuck this mother fucker up. Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions smokey
  5. "we played cards in the cold"

    wtf is wrong with you
  6. Kill his family and burn his house down , jk lol just vandalize something of his that you feel is worth equal or greater value of what he ripped you off for ... Nobody gets hurt and you get square without any backlash if you do it right
  7. that's why you have him scale it out in front of you before you give him any money..
  8. Wait so you gave him the money, he gave you the paper thing with 2g of weed in it

    Why didn't you just ask for your money back, and once you got it, give him his bud. The reason i say wait until you've got your money back is because if you hand him the bud first before getting your money back ...then he's got both your money and your weed.
  9. Sucks being 16 and getting ripped off. Oh well your paying your dues.
  10. That's life
  11. Don't deal with big money(to you op) until you have experience dealing with people. You have to get burned to know how to not get burned. One step is never letting go of the money until you see product.

  12. Yea

    Like I said, people were telling me 4,.5,5, 5.5 etc and my gut was thinking like 2g max. No he just grabbed his roor and dipped inside. we were just chillen outside his side door steps. I know where he lives, i have boys so any ideas? 10g usually here. My other 2 connects are dry/not picking up. Guess what, afterr i grabbed and the kid dipped, my oldtime pal hit me up saying to come over and that i could grab (awesome dank shit)..I was so fuckin pisd. Its max me if i could take a pic and show you i would. its like 1g now,...

    I know where he lives, any ideaS? Serious :>:)

    gtfo hater. if you dont got nothing nice to say dont say anything at all

    I was thinking to like take a huge rock and write a note on it and throw it through his front window at like 2am and dip...hmm i need ideas.

    I said no way he scaled it and he said he eyeballed it cause his scales at his friends..but yeah I usually have real connects so this is a lesson learned/

    I shoulda, i I just wasnt thinking at all really. :/

    Who the fuck are you? Assuming makes an ass out of you, not me. :hello:

    Yea. :mad:

    I have experience, i just didnt listen to my gut. at all. lesson lerned. i need revenge
  13. Happens to the best of us... next time know the person you're getting your bud from. I know all my people on a personal friendship basis... a grower can be your best friend if you "play your cards" right ;)

    And $70 in my area gets you a quarter if you're connected... 5-6g if you arent
  14. ^ no it doesn't, the best of us have nuts and an understanding of how things work
  15. i was just saying OP should know better than to buy bud from random ass people... ive done that and of course you get ripped off. Bought some bud off a street dealer in North Seattle summer of '10 a day before hempfest... $10/.55g making it look like .6 on a scale. He advertised the shit as .7-.8, the nugs were frosty and dense though. The $80/q i got the next night made up for it... homegrown outdoor blueberry x northern lights... probably the best outties ive had.
  16. Sucks to be you, chief...But cards? Seriously, man.:cool:
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    If ur buying more than 2 grams make sure they weigh it in front of you.

    And also remember, you are buying something illegal. No rules or regulation so expect to get burned sometimes man. It happens.

    The guy is a looser. Rise above it dude. Fuck em.
  18. Guys stop making fun of him for playing cards out front after getting ripped off.

    He will call you a hater.

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