I got ripped off

Discussion in 'General' started by LegalizePot_, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. I got ripped off real bad guys, and the bad thing is that i couldn't check the weed out as I was in a public area. Turned out..It was leafs. FML
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  2. At least if im not mistaken you can save the leafs for cannagars.
    How much did you spend? Also avoid that dealer in the future.

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  3. It was supposed to be 1 gram. 20€. Weed is expensive over here, It's the first time my dealer fucked me over, The weed i bought last time was decent but this is like seriously a fuck over
  4. How'd you meet him? Can't you find him?
  5. Oh no way man thats pretty rough. Happened to me and my friends a lot when we were teens. The guy just took the money and ran once. Another time we were given leaves like what you have now. And most often we got soap bar hash which was so low grade. Once it was so bad it most likely contained no hashish at all. Just a lump of brown I dunno what it was but it didn't produce a high.
    Hopefully you'll meet some better connections with time!
  6. I've known this guy since we were like kids like primary school, I'm not a guy who wants trouble i just think this is really fucked up.....
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  7. yeah man..This actually has pissed me off. I don't care about the 20€ to be honest I just feel disapointed and like i cant trust nobody, Why can't people be honest
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  8. At least they gave you tree leafs outright. I once had tree leaves like that mixed in with actual cannabis. Gave me and a friend the worst headache.

    Glad I live in a legal area now. get a better connect, find a person that grows. If you can't do that try and be independent and move to an area where you can grow. I believe one area in Britain has a police chief that said they weren't going after small time growers and users anymore?
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  9. I'm going to assume you're trolling.
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  10. Bro, I fucking swear this has actually happened. Definetely not joking, I'm literally pissed off
  11. i live in cyprus and its highly illegal looks like ill need to find someone else
  12. If this actually happened, and it's someone you know, they did it because they know they can get away with it and you won't do shit.
  13. I don't care if some people think I'm trolling, Truth is I am not trolling and I'm highly pissed off about it.
  14. yeah man unfortunatelly I'm not really a guy who would make a fight
  15. If you know the guy and know that he sells real drugs to others, just snitch on him. Call the cops and tell em he's dealing.

    Genuine dealers worry enough about cops and snitches, so why should rogue dealers get away with it?
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  16. I live in the UK you still get done by police and raided for growing you just don't get as many charges, years ago if you got caught even with 1 plant they'd say it was attempt to supply but these days they class a couple of plants as personal use and give you fines/community service depending on if you've been caught before
  17. Bad advice Jane..we all know snitches get stitches.

    If you don't get a receipt for your black market transactions, how can you complain about your own activities? You would be self-incriminating your own illegal actions and then on top of that be a target when known as a snitch.

    You choose your company so choose your weed dealers the same?
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