I got really high and watched Dragonball Z

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  1. So last night me and 4 of my buddies come over. 3 of em had an 8th :) I had me a nice 1/4.

    Well we loaded it up into the hookah *big one yo* it has 3 hoses, and start smokin smokin!! We're all sittin around the freakin tv so i put adult swim on,,, cable wasn't workin and we couldn't get it! In a desperate mellow last thought I grabbed my dragonball z - ALL of em used to watch it as kids hah.. So we sit here and watch the goku vs frieza fight for like 5 hours or whatever totally baked... it was INTENSE!!

    Used to watch it as a kid so got the dvd's... man that shit was teh best ^_^
  2. Back in 1st grade i would be so pissed if i didnt get home in time to watch that show, the story line was great and the fights intense as fuck
  3. Exactly dude! I would be so mad if my parents were watching tv when It was on. I was born in england. Moved to SD though. In england it was on at 5pm and 5:30pm on toonami or cartoon network or whatever it was... man those fights are super intense when you are high. Give it a try man! Frieza vs goku b4 he turns super saiyan is the shit
  4. i wish i had the seasons!
  5. I can only catch it on Nicktoons, and they have what's called "Dragon Ball Z Kai" which is DBZ with a bunch of stuff and episodes cut out. :mad: Not as good as the original.
  6. Have a look on the net :D you can download most of em or steam um! :)
  7. yeah i too think like that
  8. I am high as hell :):smoke:
  9. definately gonna grab a few seasons of this show i think i remember when goku was running on snake way for like 9 epsiodes that shit was tight
  10. Ohh jees dude you know it... I think watching the Majin Buu saga would be pretty funny tbh... high anyway.. BUU WANT CHOCOLATE!! I got all of them cept season 1... my ex stole that from me... dumb bitch lol. Now I need to buy one of the best seasons again.
  11. I used to love this show. I actually downloaded all the kai episodes
  12. where at iluvatar?
  13. Torrents are your friends.
  14. What you speak is the truth, but I'm really high and can't do it
  15. Torrent ;)

  16. Hahahaha, when I was a kid I would always get so pissed when he was still running on that damn snake.

  17. Ohhh I'mm too baked too look up the right torrents! :'( gyahahaha :':)smoke:
  18. Actually am also big fan of of this show i get its all episode great TV show...
  19. I remember watching this show as a child way back too. I gotta get the seasons as well and... you know. :smoke:
  20. F'real dude. It was pretty intense. DEFINATELY tell me how the :smoke: goes ok? :D


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