i got raided by the government

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  1. yeah man this summer i had an outdoor grow going with 7 of my plants and 4 of my dads clone 2 clones in the bush 2 in the yard and all my plants in the bushes, in a little sunny spot, they were fairly well hidden then one day green harvest flyies over my house at about 40 feet off the ground shakes my house and turns around (oh shit!!!!) so i run outside and scoop up the clones in the yard and hide em, but theyre hovering over my plants (fuck!!!) they sat there for a while and flew off, so i ran out there and hid all my plants under the surrounding brush, the next morning i'm making cereal and i hear a chopper coming and see him do a beeline for my patch and drop down to 30 feet and a rope comes out and a guy drops down and grabs my death kush clone and one of my random ass sativas and flies off leaving 7 plants? so im wondering why leave 7 did the guy feel sorry for me cuz i oly had a couple plants or was he so fucken stupid he couldnt see the 6 foot sativas right under the bushes.? any way thought id share the experience with ya this might not be the right forum but whatever. oh yeah this went down in like june or july so shoulkd i be expecting cops knicking on my door or what?
  2. dam, so they steal plants huh, you didnt get a ticket?
  3. yeah wtf. there was no investigation? no charges? just one guy ropped down grabbed a couple plans and left?

    lol, sounds like u got robbed by some high rolling drug lord. oh wait, thats the government. lol
  4. dude you are completly right
  5. where the hell are u from? hahaha.
  6. i think hes from hawaii judging by his name.
  7. THATS COOL how they came down by ROPE, i seen that on TV, 5_0 taking peoples hard earned TWEED.
  8. thats why i booby trap my shit and have a huge arsenal... Im ready to die for my right to live free
    so if any of yalls is pigs...bring it mother fuckers
  9. same thing. the government (CIA) has actually sold coke to pay for some operations in the past. specially during vietnam...
  10. not only do they sell, they manufacture and grow. the government is the ultimate drug lord. i mean look at what they crontol. they dont just control a city block, or a whole town. they control the whole damn country and everything associated with it.
  11. Ya I dont think that was the government bro.
  12. That my friend...is fuckin SKETCHY
  13. chopper weed ninjas!
  14. shit man thats fucked up but if i was the government then its lucky you didnt get fucked over. Maybe it was some dude who saw your plants and jacked a couple and left the others cause he thought you were going to come out or some shit
  15. Man who the fucks gonna waste all that money gettin/flyin a helicopter to rack a couple of plants? Fuck that!
  16. if you can afford a chopper, im pretty sure you can afford some damn good weed without having to shimmy down a rope to steal 2 plants from some stoners backyard ....im callin bullshit:cool:
  17. LOL!

    This story is crazy. If some guy dropped from a rope in a helicopter, and ripped up 2 marijuana plants in my backyard, and then flew away, I would think I forgot I took a couple acid blotters or something that morning and was tripping fuckin balls.
  18. you know, i was thinking this right away. but i was also trying to figure out who would really do such a thing before i said anythign. and now that i think of it, no one would. first if it was law enforcement they would have arrested you or ticketed you or something. you would have know. secondly, if it was a rich dude with a heli, i dont think he would need to jack just 2 plants. because he would either take all or just grow/buy his own. so that doesn't leave us with much.

    and i doubt some kids took the heli for a joy ride. . . . anyone else see the problem with this?
  19. Ahhh you found me

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