I got "arrested" last night for possession of drug paraphernalia

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  1. Ok so last night I met my smoking buddy at a bar around midnight to grab a few late drinks. So we drank a bit then we left to go smoke a blunt.. but we went to the convienience store to get a blunt so we were in his truck.. we came back to the parking lot which was really quiet and he was breaking up the weed to roll it and all of a sudden I see a flashlight in the window and I was like oh fuck.. lol It was a cop and dude he came out of nowhere..Anyhow to make a long story short both my buddy and I both got a pta him for possession under 1 gram and me for the paraphernalia for my grinder and a ciggarette roller I had in my purse.. Now I know the charge isnt like that bad and it is my first offense ever ever ever ever..but I wanna know if anyone else has ever had the same charge or circumstances how did the fines, punishment etc.. go? I was thinking I should go talk to a lawyer.. the main thing I just don't want this on a record in case of future jobs etc... So any stories or advice I'd love to hear.. xoxo

    :smoke:OH... btw.. we went and got more pot and smoked two blunts then screwed around after that cause the cop ruined my buzz from the drinks I had.. ja ja..lol ( kinda a happy ending? lol)
  2. Wait... possession of under one gram? I thought the lowest charge you could get was "less than a half ounce". You are lucky... every time ive been caught with pot i had no more than a gram on me and to the judge i could have had up to a half ounce.
  3. well i didnt get charged with the pot.. just the paraphernalia but yeah I am totally aware that I am lucky.. well I am in Miami so maybe the laws change from place to place..
  4. Unless the cigarette roller had weed in it, its not parephenalia.
  5. I got caught with paraphernalia In January, and all I had to do was pay a ticket. Almost $400 though.

  6. Yeah you're in TX :rolleyes:, OP is in FL...

  7. Parephenalia can be anything even if it doesnt contain weed or resin. I've heard of people being cited for having rolling papers but only if they had pot on them too.

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