I got a ticket...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cruzer167, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. two weeks after the supposed incident!!!!! I was sitting in my house minding my own buisness and a state trooper was sitting outside he waited for me to come out and then gave me a ticket :mad:

    supposedly an off-duty officer saw the incident and reported it but wtf!! how can they do this two weeks after the fact?
  2. Im new here man, What went down?
  3. well basically a cop gave me a ticket while I was sitting at my house
  4. Similar Shit happened to me.. Basically I was sitting Near my window, Which faces the street. I usually have a blanket covering but I guess A piece got folded up revealing me Toking out of my bong. I Got a ticket. Its Bullshit. Cops peeking in my window. But yea man thats bullshit. Sorry to hear that bro.

  5. Why the fuck do you have cops creepin in your window? haha

  6. Fuck if I Know. He Told me he just happen to glance through my window while driving by.
  7. Well what was it for?
  8. Damn so cops can go creeping, but I cant ? Please explain

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  9. thats pretty shit man, they should do something more productive with their time then wait for you
  10. reckless driving, and yeah you would think a state patrol officer would have some drug trafficking to stop, and waiting at my house on two seperate occasions.

    I was high and I never went outside the first time

  11. They couldn't uphold that in court though could they? There's no way to prove that what you were smoking was illegal really.
  12. In both cases I would fight them all the way to a trial, ive beaten some traffic tix that way....and the smoking one is bs cuz they cant give u a ticket for smoking

  13. I'd be happier with a ticket rather than a conviction.
    Although, I would definitely go to court and fight that.
  14. Do you think they were able to get a positive ID on the driver?
    How can they prove you were the one driving? ;):devious:

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