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  1. My girls bitchin becuase I dont clean, cook, do the laundry, etc.. WTF, I give the girl a new LV/chanel hand bag every month and anything else she wants, shit I just bought her a new benz, why the fuck should I do that shit too? I thought I do my part by bringing in 40 g's a month.
  2. keep that pimp hand strong playa
  3. Seems to me that this "girl" is imaginary.

  4. Sometimes I wish that was the case but we been together for 3 years now so it is what it is.

  5. also, [​IMG]

    So don't make yourself look like a jackass ;)
  6. ^Your making yourself look like the jackass buying all that shit.
    She obviously using you.

  7. Nah man, first 2 years I used her, just got out upstate from a 2 1/2 year bid and came back without money, car, family, job, anything and she took care of me as she had a government job. I am not the type to get used mo.
  8. p.s., my only concern isnt the money or any of that shit, i dont care about that, it comes, what I care about is I am lazy as fuck and dont want to wash dishes or sweep the floor... and at the same time dont want to catch shit for not doing it.
  9. Get a maid.
  10. :hello:

    Great idea, I brought that up, then I got

    "ooh your soo fucking lazy you would rather spend money then a few fucking minutes cleaning up" i said ... yea... but didn't help the situation.
  11. And now you're making 40k a month?

    I'll believe that when my shit turns purple and rainbow sherbert
  12. Tell her you won't have time to buy her stuff if you have to do those things.
  13. Nobody cares.
  14. Yeah i doubt the 40k a month thing also. What do you sell drugs?

  15. I don't give a fuck what you believe as I don't care, like I said already this isn't about money G.

  16. The problem is we are getting married soon ad all my money is in the form of cash and we keep it where we can both get to it when we need it like the lawyer fee's I had to pay a few months ago costed 30 g's so it's nice to have close by.

    To everyone else, I am just asking what you say to your girl when she's bitching and ragin
  17. No its about the money now
  18. Op you Frank White?

  19. What about it? You ain't never seen someone get money before, shit 40 g's ain't nothing really, it's not that much, I know a lot of people making a lot more than me.

  20. Hey man.

    I can sort of relate to your situation, so hear me out.

    I think she's pissed not because she's not getting LVs from you but she's pissed because she has to do the dishes.

    Have you ever seen a girl with an LV doing dishes? Or cleaning the toilet?

    No you haven't because there is none.

    You just calm down and access the situation slowly.

    What has gotten her all bitching like that?

    What does she want?

    What is her problem?

    And where am I going with this comment?

    I don't know man... I really don't know.

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