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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by LimpinandPimpin, May 9, 2004.

  1. Who has bought something off of this site and if so what did you buy???? I am just curious friend bought a bong and spoon today and I want to see what everyone thinks. I am getting a glass bong from here this week, baring any bad happenings.
  2. I bought a glass ice bong from this site. It is amazingly smooth. The transaction was simple, easy, and secure. Not to mention the price, (it was cheaper, including shipping and exchange), than anything I could buy locally. Highly recommended, although I don't know how much touble the USPS will give you for importing this type of paraphernalia.
  3. without res, in my opinion, couldnt be considered drug paraphanilia. i see people out in public smoking tobacoo with pipes, so why cant we do it *wink*
  4. its only paraphenalia if it has resin in it, until then it can be shipped new as a "Tobacco Pipe"
  5. it's actually sold for "herb use", but that doesn't mean marijuana. That could mean a lot of legal things, including tobacco.

    Here's what I bought off grasscity back around september.


    I love this pipe to death, my first one, the oldest pipe out of all of my friends and mine, hits great, has a chill look to it (reminds me of something you would see an old man smoking out of on his rocking chair by a fireplace), and is impossible to break pretty much.
  6. When the package comes in the mail does it say Grasscity or anything like that on it?
  7. No, it usually comes in a generic box or package with a shipping to label and a customs declaration. And no the customs slip won't say bong or anything like that, it will be generic.
  8. if it wasn't for weed until there is res in it, then Tommy Chong wouldn't be in jail for making bongs! phucking operation pipe dreams
  9. I read that they searched his house and found bud and pipes with resin... sounds like they had good evidence on him.
  10. they found a lb. of weed in Chong's house when they busted him, but he was being searched because of his site that sold bongs and pipes. I'm not sure how the paraphinelia charge works. On the one hand, head shops and sites sell pipes all the time, but Ashcroft busted tons of glass-blowers and vendors during Operation Pipe Dreams.
    I've got a friend who's a judge in Wyoming, maybe I'll give him a call and ask him. That paraphinelia thing has been bugging me for a while now. I'd like to get it cleared up. I'll get back to you guys on that.
  11. It also depends on the state, some states won't allow bongs to be sold.
  12. Moving from Rec. use to the Feedback forum. :)

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