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I get waaaay too high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JakeJurassic, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking on and off for at least 5 years now.
    But I've noticed lately, it doesn't feel the samme.
    I looove smoking. But after today I got kinda freaked out.
    I felt like I was tripping on something else.

    Today I bought a 1/2 ounce of helllla good stress..
    First thing I did was blow a blunt with 2 other friends of mine. And I just started freaking out... Everyone else was fine.
    But for me:

    Things weren"t normal.

    My body felt kinda numbish. But good. But scary xD
    All colors were alot more intense, a lot prettier looking and brighter than usual.
    I moved alot. I couldn't really sit still.
    I swear my heart was pounding soooo fast. It probably was in my head though.
    I thought I could almost see trails. Like when I moved my hand fast it looked like it was in slower motion than how fast I really moved it.

    It just wasnt right to me.

    Anyways, after trippen for a couple hours I passed out cuz I didnt get any sleep the night before. And I just woke up.

    I smoked a lot more than I usually do. But not too much. And I didn't get sleep from the night before. Those are the only reasons I could think of why I reacted like this.

    I still have a lotta weed left. Aboutta go light up this tinnny joint and see if I react the same again. If so I might stop for a little. That was kinda scaryy.

    I'll post how I feel after I'm done.

    Has anyone else ever felt like this? Or have an idea why I freaked out for?

  2. You just need to learn to control yourself. Was probably some hella good sativa. Maybe it was dipped in some acid but hey I wish my pot was dipped in some LSD :)
  3. By the way if you start freaking out don't forget to breathe. Just breathe out for 5 breathe in for 5. Go outside for some fresh cold air. That actually really sounds like an MDA/MDMA high though
  4. not really
  5. Haha yea I've seen trails before back when I had only smoked a few times. I tried to explain this to a few people but they didn't get it. I've also felt that numb feeling at times too... I dunno, just try to stay calm and enjoy the moment. :)
  6. HAHAHA... What do you mean not really? Seriously? heart racing, intense light, tingling? I had a similar experience this past weekend when I took a blue star and a g's up
  7. You got too high on some dank, that's all it was.

    I'm 100% sure. Those symptoms aren't of any psychedelic or anything like that, trust me.

    Just go for a walk next time or something and avoid paranoia. <.<
  8. Yeah I'm goooood.Just smoked that J and feeling great.
    Fucking Idk I guess it was in my head or something.
    I feel nothing like earlier though.

  9. Yeah paranoia compounds quickly into stupid shit.

  10. I tripped real bad like that once. Unfortunately it was my first bad trip and I didn't know how to calm myself down. However now when I feel myself getting near that same feeling I know how to calm myself down. I'll usually listen to some music...focusing on it intently helps get me down. At least down to a level where I'm enjoying the high rather than tripping myself out.

    Another thing that helps (helped me at least), when you start getting that bad just keep telling yourself it's only temporary and you will come down eventually. Should help out.
  11. That sounds pretty much exactly like every high i'v ever had :p Except without the paranoia
  12. Am I the only one thats reading too much into the situation

    Now iono bout you, but where Im from stress = "The Nasty of Nasties" as in that shit is wack as hell and there is absolutely no reason you should be tokin that shit!

    Last time I checked shit was still shit, be it a hellla good shit, hellla bad shit, hellla smelly shit, hell im constipated as fuck shit, shit in the end its still SHITTT!

    and uhmm i forgot why i started the post...
  13. Yeah. It's mids. Not dirt.
    I bought the cheaper shit cuz it lasts me longer
  14. dude there was one time when i picked up quarter from my friends (they're cousins) and i met up with them at this local pier. Well when i got there my homie j had a nice size blunt waiting for me. So we get out of his car and smoke on the pier. Prior to this sesh i hadnt smoked for about a month, so my tolerance was hella low.

    So we finish the blunt and we chill in his car, i was just sitting there high as fuck (in a good way). Five minutes pass and i see j and d rolling a fat blunt haha. Im like "are we gonna smoke that?" We get outta the car and chill on the pier watching people fish. I got fucking hella high from that blunt, it was like the peak from the first high had just set in and then this high punches me in the head haha.

    I hadnt eaten much that day and d and i decided to get something from subway. I was so high it was the first and only time i wasnt able to drive. So d drove and since it was late we got vip parking at the subway haha.

    But i had the exact effects as u had. The body completely numb (i couldnt even feel my face lol), color was more vivid, shit like that. Idk tho, i wasnt paranoid about anything ,so it felt great.

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