I fucked up...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by rnc3147, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I ate 5g morning glory seeds a week ago and didn't feel much, so I said fuck it and ate the rest of the ounce. (around 23 grams)...

    Am I fucked? I need some advice blades.
  2. If that's true, you ate around 1000 seeds. The heaviest doses advise around 500 seeds.
    You're completely fucked, not in a sense that youre going to die, but you probably will get
    sick and experience a very crazy trip. Have fun.
  3. :( I'm gonna keep a positive mindset and hope for the best. I know it's not fatal though I may get nausea, but as long as I try to stay positive things won't go terrible, I hope. I'll post again to let you all know how things are going. So far so good(+15, no signs of nausea)
  4. i'd like to hear your experience cuz i tried them out and didnt eat nearly that much...needless to say, i was sick as shit
  5. I've always been intrested in morning glory seeds after my one acid trip. I can never find any 'cid around here so morning glory is looking more and more promising. Let me know how it goes, and good luck man. If you do start feeling sick smoke a bowl and it will probably make you feel better.
  6. I've never tried morning glory just because I don't think an hour or so of intense stomach cramps and nausea is worth it...
  7. guess what blades... I am severely disappointed. I did not have a bad experience, but rather I hardly felt anything. I didn't vomit, I didn't get horrible stomach cramps, but rather I became really sleepy and took an hour and a half nap... what the hell? Is there a such thing as bunk morning glory seeds, did I ingest them improperly, (I just swallowed them) or was I just never meant to experiment the wonders of LSA. Looks like if I want to experience any psychedelic experience, I might as well stick top LSD or Shrooms. :(:confused:... It's more than three hours in now, and the only effects: grogginess, and as for visuals--- my vision is a little fuzzy and I get a kind of light similar to when you get camera flash in my eyes except more subtle... I dunno, it's not worth the time IMO.
  8. im pretty sure you were supposed to grind them up and put in water or alcohol
  9. Well it says on that experience thing the trip hit him 4 hours after he ate the seeds... so you could still be on the verge of it hitting you...
  10. nope... nothing... 7 hours later... next time I will try around 400 seeds w/ cold water extract. As for now, I am on the hunt for mushies :)
  11. I hear if you don't extract or grind or something it won't work. The chamical doesn't come through the shell of the seed.....

    or some such thing.
  12. my experience with morning glory seeds sucked too... they made me sick, then i puked and had closed eye visuals for a few minutes n then just felt groggy like you
  13. Sounds like a shitty "drug", I'll pass.
  14. last time i took morning glory seeds

    fucking shit was weak

    legs hurt like a motha fucka

    barely even a trip
  15. Dude that sucks! I didn't know that LSA could make things HURT. Good reason to stick to LSD.
  16. maybe the seeds were sterilized or something...
  17. yeah ive heard you need to take off the fuzzy sorta shell around the seed or they wont do shit but make you wanna puke.
  18. i bought some yesterday, probably going to try them in the next 2 weeks. ill grind them up really well (not to the point that they are dust, but really well), put them in cold water for at least a few hours, then strain, throw away the seeds and drink the water. should work. if i get nauseous ill smoke some weed. well ill smoke some weed anyways, so i should at least get stoned. keep us updated op
  19. man i just had a hilarious thought. your shit will be all seedy lol

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