I fucked up bigtime!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by TSGCDXX, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. So I was just making some space treats with chocolate and the dust from my grinder and forgot what I was doing and licked my fingers clean. Thing is it takes 30mins ish to kick in and I start work in 30 mins and these things are normally very strong!!! What to do??? Pull a sicky or just go with the flow?
  2. In 30 minutes, you will be wondering why you arent blazed.
  3. If it wasn't cooked you wont get high..
  4. In the morning comes a sunshine. And you won't be high.
  5. Normally they work great. The dust was heated with the chocolate. Im already feeling a slight buzz.
  6. Get ready to trip balls, your going to the 4th demension, your fucked.

    Just kidding you'll be fine..its just weed and work man, a great combo...
  7. It just occured to me that the buzz im feeling is probably adrenaline from shitting it abit. The stuff wasnt heated for long or at a very high temp. Should it still work medically tho. I usually mix the stuff with butter and heat it for ages then add this to the chocolate stuff!! Lol
  8. Bro if you wanna call in sick and get high just do it. Play it up good and get nice and baked so that the you can chill and work tomorrow and have a great session to reflect on, and make plans for an even better session for the weekend.
  9. And to the moon we go.
  10. Naa its been 45 mins and im all good. A little smiley but will be fine for work. I wouldnt care if I worked with computers or plants but I dont so was a bit worried B)

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