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I Found Weed thread!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by joeya28, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Just like the title says. Ever find a joint or anything? Post your stories here

    I woke up this morning and stepped out onto my porch, while there I decided to pick up an ash try ( for whatever reason) and found a j that I didn't roll sitting there. Naturally I smoked it..and it was dank stuff. It was an awesome unexpected wake and bake that was especially nice because I'm running low today. Im pretty sure it was a family friends joint buts it cool because I've given the dude a lot a free bud.
  2. That sounds like an amazing start to the day, the best i've found is empty fuckin' weed bags :( haha
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    I had a few of those working retail....and one not empty bag that the managers kept.
  4. I find my brothers weed quite often :smoking:
  5. I was long boarding down the street near my house at the time i was like against weed from dare and all that shit and would bitch at people for doing it but i picked the shit up it was at the corner of someones driveway in some big rocks bit it was right on top i think it was an orange bag and this shit looked and smelled crazy to me . I knew it was worth 20 bucks but i rode down to the next neighborhood over and sold it to some older kids that bought it for 5 bucks I have heard roomers that my neighbor grows alot and his parents let him and he throws wild parties so it was prob some of his shit . Anyway the older kids offered me the weed the rolled in a dutch and I didnt take any and was literally ducking under smoke in the air LOLLL but since then I smoke alot :)
  6. I was smoking behind the bleechers at this local school. And i found a decent sized joint roach on the ground and i straight up looked at it and it looked fine, so i smoked it. It got about 5 hits out of it before it was pooched, i think it was some chronic or something dank, it tasted really good, like some high end dank
  7. was out of weed one day and i really wanted to smoke, so i was looking around in my room for some and found like a 1g nug of sour d laying there under my bed:hello:
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    Hahaha You subconsciously saved it
  9. lol my my 2 friends picked up 3 oz when i wasnt around and in his car they split it and they dropped 2 huge ass nugs without realizing and my boy was in his car and happend to reach under the seat to adjust it days later and he got the better end of the deal :0
  10. Okay one day when I was in 8th grade I'm guessing? We went to a nature preserve or some shit near a high school, I was walking along with my friends and spotted a baggy I had been smoking since 7th grade so naturally I ran over to it. Sure enough there was about 2.5 grams of DANK in it. Lit it up right there and smoked it through the ground. :smoking:
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    That's hilarious dude but...Smoked I through the ground? What's that?
  12. I was cleaning out my car and i found a nug that gave me a nice medium sized bowl. :smoke:

  13. As in I dug a hole to put my mouth on connected it to a smaller whole put the nug on top of the smaller hole took a lighter to it and sucked in through the big hole... :hello:

  14. i have never thought of that o_______o"
  15. I found a tiny little nug on my desk at work yesterday, I couldn't remember if it was mine (havnt been at work for a few days) haha
  16. found a dub sack on the street was some decent loud while on the way to the park
  17. found plenty of dub baggies on the ground. also found a joint i rolled a week ago under my bed because i was already high and put it under there. i was so happy because i put it there soley for when i was out

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