I found this lil lady in my yard...

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  1. Dont know what the species is or how old it is. Transplanted it from yard/flower bed area to pot. one 30w CFL and a computer fan for ventilation. just threw this box together after finding this thing. they are on 24/7 lighting right now. looks far along anyone care to help me out? is it showing signs of being a female? enjoy the pics!


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  2. looks awesome but weird are you sure its marijuana
  3. I've found weed growing in my garden aswell. It was just hemp from bird seed and it looked exactly like that. I hope you get lucky and grow some nice buds though.
  4. Looks like a mj plant to me.. u got the light to far.. drop it a lil bit, so plant wont strech out.
  5. Im pretty sure its pot :p ive been thinking of making this box better. i built a shadow box to hide the light from the fan. got rid of the "reflector" and its now much brighter in the box. im mostly worried about it being over watered. was transplanted into really wet soil from where it was plucked... then i watered it... its still kind of draining.
  6. It's a girl!! What a find man. Give it some more light, and get the lights much closer if they are CFL's.
  7. Female for sure. I dont see any signs of being a male. Looks stunted in size to be showing pistils tho. probably wont do much for ya but give it a shot and keep us posted. Drop the lights to about 3-4 inches from the top of the plant. Get more CFL's and start using the Soft White 2700k Spectrum. That is what you want for flowering. Right now it looks like you have 6500k Spectrum. Good Luck
  8. thats cool man

    get her back on 12/12 IMO and more lights
  9. Yeah, she's also already pre-flowering. Nice man, I never get that lucky. Hahah.

  10. Gonna want more than that.
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    ok i had it on one 30w (real watts) 2700k spec. just got a 5000k spec 35 real consumption bulb. im going to get a Y connector when i go to flowering. i bought new 2700k bulbs at 25 real watts a peice and im planning on 2 of those for flowering. this plant was being raised all natural outside. im hoping to get some stretch then LST and make it a lil bushier before flowering. is it possible to do that? or do i have to start flowering now? also got organic mix soil with peralight or w/e and a real pot with drainage. it perked right up over night!

    as of today she looks like this.
  12. no wisdom on where to go from there ^^?
  13. Even if it has preflowers plants should still veg if you keep on a vegging light schedule assuming its not an autoflowering strain.
  14. totally almost killed her, shes pretty much recovered and onto flowering in the genral growing thread!

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