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I found out how precious life was

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chillumss, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Just smoked a bowl of headies about 1 hour 30 min ago. The song stairway to heaven by led zeppelin changed my life. During the song, i went through all lifestyles. I ended up being loved by everyone, and a successful man. Through my death, i died peacefully and was loved, Im still pretty high, but i had to share it was peaceful and showed me how good it is to cherish every moment. I'n still pretty high.. i had to share.
    I'm 18 btw:smoke:
  2. you mustve had some good weed. lol.
  3. Typical reefer maddness. Somebody arrest this man, he is a danger to society :smoke::hello:
  4. i got a 20 bag had 1.03 grams i have a pretty low tolerance. i feel amazing
  5. yea i remember when i got that high except shine on you crazy diamond is the song that did it for me. that was my 3rd time smoking i believe so i had a very low t and i got hooked up with some reeaaaalllly good shit.
  6. Whatever your smoking sounds fucking awesome
  7. Yeah man, I know the kind of high you're talking about. I once listened to Farmer's Daughter on the radio and was like...imagining myself as the main character for the whole song.

    I was high as fuck that time.
  8. I had the best times smoking and listening to pink floyd albums with a couple buds in his apartment. Redundant I know but it's hard to beat.
  9. this is one of the highest posts i've read on grasscity, and that's saying something
  10. I've realized that while I've been high. Gotta cherish every god damn moment of life bro. Keep tokin' :smoke:
  11. threads like this make me proud of the human race
  12. So I guess he must have been Zooted! :hello:

  13. Am I the only one who finds this depressing? When I smoke weed and listen to music, I just want to zone the fuck out and listen to the music. Believe me I love Led Zeppelin. But thinking about death and life and heavy shit, not really my style.

  14. not rele man it was really peaceful. i played a benni benassi song, i love my sex, and i went into outer space and saw aliens and stuff it was pretty awesome

  15. Well, that sounds great. Your original post just made it sound so. sappy. you know?

    But I'm down with the sex and the aliens :p
  16. lol sounds weird as fuck i know. Second time i have been stoned by myself, and this was the best experience i have had.
  17. I like living and dieing and the whole symbology surrounding it. I like thinking about the origin or creation of everything and the ways it could all be utterly destroyed and why. I wonder about my own life and how I have effected others. You never know who you might touch just by being around. My grandma's friend decided not to kill herself because she was needed when she asked my grandma if she would like a tuna sandwich, and my grandma said, yes.

    Just what you said about life and death got me thinking, thanks.
  18. Congrats. Glad you had an uplifting experience. Mind smokin some of that with me? lol

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