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i found a rock in my sack?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chubbler, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. ok so i was diving out my oz and i found like a little brown rock in the gag. it also has some spots of . gold or tan color in it. its not dirt i moistened some of it and it didnt rub off or anything. anyone have a clue to what it is ?
  2. Smoke it and find out, lol.

    Jk man, don't do that.
  3. ship it to me i will smoke it lol. just hit it
  4. You might either be incredibly lucky or effed in the a
  5. Maybe someone put it in your bag as weight so they could skimp you? If its not hash, that could be it.
  6. It's a rock. It might be there to up the weight, or it could just have ended up in the sack by accident. I guess it could be hash, but somehow I doubt it...moist hash is nothing like a wet rock. More likely that your dealer wanted to save a couple grams.
  7. should i flash my gat
  8. He beat you in the head man.
  9. crack rock....lawl
  10. i doubt he did that on purpose.. if he did it would be obvious that you would find it..
  11. id def put it i n t he bo n g and t ry to s m o ke i t
  12. We call that shit son.
    That gold stuff, Thats bits of corn.
    Shit Son!
  13. ok well this was like a perfect cubish rectangle when i found it and its tiny and wieghs .5 so he want rippin me off
  14. Well, according to your sig, you never found this "rock." Smooth move.
  15. That rock looks like a face or maybe im just stoned idk:confused:
  16. im stoned and i agree it looked like a face
  17. I guess it does kinda look like a Tiki head
  18. fossilized nugget
  19. Yes, and this is why you should smoke it.

    Bring on some straight up voodoo shit!

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