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  1. Hey GC i found a possum in my room. but upon further investigation it was just my cat. But i really did think it was a possum for a good 3 seconds. Heres pics any way




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    HEY! There isn't a possum here, you only made it seem that way.

    You know what that makes you!? A GREAT BIG PHONY
  3. no offense, but that thing is fugly man
  4. lol i was expecting a gnarly story on how you walked in mid-bake and stared at it for a good 5minutes while it staring right back at you then all of a sudden it hissed and you kciked it the fuck outa your house and now ur lighting an achievement bowl of sucess :D

    but ur cat looks nice anyway :)
  5. dam internt lagg
    ....double posted..my bad
  6. Upon realizing you lied:

  7. LOL I've never seen a curly haired cat before, interesting! :)
  8. Holy shit is that a striped cat? I've only encountered two of those rare and magnificent animals in the wild throughout my journeys!

  9. its not striped, te cat just used too much S-Curl. it has a nice coat though
  10. Yeah its a pretty chill coat, feels like a lamb when you pat it. my friends are all really mean to it though lol. they call her names :(
  11. ahahaha it's the cat from the ugly pet thread :hello:
  12. I've found possums more cute than that cat
  13. haha , last summer a bird came and visit me in my room , needed around 10 min to get him out thro the window again but it was cool
  14. What the hell is S-Curl?
  15. Ahahaha this made me smile. Your cat looks sketch as fuck, it's kind of awesome.
  16. aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhaha.
  17. Oh shit it's the "burnt pancake" cat you randomly posted in your art thread haha!

  18. Urban Dict
  19. Oh I get it now. Pretty funny example too haha.

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