I found a joint on the ground at a concert

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  1. Well, last week I was at a Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa concert in Lowell, Mass and when i was walking down the stairs to the floor before the concert started a fat 1.5 gram joint was just sitting on a step, i grabbed that shit without thinking twice. Me and my friends smoked it first, some dank weed. We also had 7 blunts on us, good fucking concert. :smoke:

    Have you guys ever found weed before?
  2. That's like finding $30 on the ground, I'm jelous
  3. What if that wasn't weed... what if it was like poison or something. That would be pretty funny. But of course if you got hurt it wouldn't be funny. But if you didn't it would be hilarious.

  4. He was at a Wiz Khalifa concert lmfao what else would it have been?
  5. Wiz and Mac must have been a sick concert man, how was it? And 7 blunts, holy shit lol.
  6. Maybe Wiz randomly scattered secret joints all over the concert area for people to find like easter eggs.lol
  7. I walked home oneday, and found a spliff prerolled laying in an empty pack of cigarettes. Tasted like OG Kush #baked
  8. Lowell MA huh. im from right around the corner. Not a fan of that fake rap tho.

    Free weed is always cool.
  9. I found a dimebag when i was nine but at the time i didnt kno what it was
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    It was pretty sick, but mac didnt show up...just wiz and everyone was smoking the whole arena was clambaking, cops everywhere but clearly they didn't give a shit because everyone was smoking.
  11. man, lucky i anna go to a wiz concert let alone a wiz and mac concert, that would be dope ad fuck. and sadly wiz doesnt have anything planned for toronto last time i checked
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    Lol did anyone care that you were smoking blunts instead of papers?
  13. one time when i was in like 9th grade, we were pretty blazed and went to the gas station to bum some cigs and this guy just handed me a pack and said here im gettin more now anyway. opened up the pack to see 4 cigs and 2 j's of some fuckin dank. we booked it outta there just incase he realized he gave me his j's. i was so baked after that. i wanna give him a high-5 if i ever see him again and remeber who he is.
  14. how did u know it was 1.5 grams?
  15. interesting, I go to umass lowell, the school where that concert was held...

    A flaw i see in your story is that mac miller didnt actually play that show, big sean replaced him.

    also i heard it was complete shit, big sean was trash and wiz played for an hour tops.

  16. i love people like you. instead of feeding the troll, you kick him in the nuts.
  17. [​IMG]

    i know he wasnt there, i lied about him being there he didn't show and big sean did open for wiz...
  18. It's a wiz concert. Black people dont give a fuck if u smoke blunts
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    Wiz khalifa is antiblunt, he smokes mainly joints.
  20. My friend said he smoked a joint he found in a buddy's drawer in Winnipeg.

    Turns out it had a LOAD of PCP he had thrown on it for some crack wierdos that were coming buy to sell him a pound or something.

    He said he got half way through it and looked at his shoulder and watched a cartoon mickey mouse hand draw with a pen his entire body and everything in the room, then he had smoked the joint but I guess left it on his tongue.

    He was a mess, smashed shit up and wasn't even connected to this reality and had to be rushed to the hospital, put out completely, and flushed.

    The only way you get into PCP has to be by accident, HAS to be, nobody EVER should want to ever behave like that?


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