I forgot how to use my eyes while high

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  1. About a week ago I got high. Really high. I hadn't smoked much for about 7 months (only a handful of times) so I already had a really low tolerance. Combined with the fact that I smoked and entire joint on my own (usually I share a joint with someone), well, I was blazed.

    So I was watching a video of Zero Punctuation, and suddenly I started seeing things. It was like I had closed my eyes. Everything was red and I started hallucinating about shit. After a few moments I realized that what I was seeing wasn't real, so I started trying to see with my eyes and stop hallucinating.

    Then I realized my eyes were open the entire time.

    It was quite an experience. My friend said that the entire time I was just sitting there and staring forward while leaning back and forward.

    Then I ate an entire bag of mini-chocolate donuts :p
  2. Yeah low tolerance can get annoying sometimes for me to lol. I find that I don't even enjoy being high when I'm completely above and beyond stoned out of my mind.
  3. :hippie:

    pass that shit my way
  4. im a lightweight. and i do so believe that MJ can make you hallucinate, especially if you start to panic and trip.

    this one time i thought that our brains were controlled by little blue people but we didnt know it. i swear i could see little blue smirf-like people when i closed my eyes on ladders with hammers trying to fix holes. the holes that i could see through to look into their world. man that was trippy. i shared 2 big joints that night with an old friend. thats like 3-4 times my normal dose.

    all you gotta realize is that nobodys ever died from an overdose on MJ and that you will be just fine, and that you can controll your trip. but everytime i trip balls i always forget these simple rules. if you see someone tripping tell them they can controll the trip. it really is all in your head.
  5. haha u might think your hilucinating from weed, try shrooms and tell me what you think about your "weed hilucinations" after actually hilucinating.
  6. Chill bro. We all know that shrooms make you trip harder than weed, but weed CAN give you some fucked up, paranoid thoughts. And they can give you slight visual hallucinations when you are high enough.
  7. damn... i cant wait til my t-break is over.
  8. QFT.

    When I am high enough, I can experience Closed-Eyed Visuals, Open-Eyed Visuals in my peripherial vision and auditory hullucinations. I really have fun with them. lol
  9. i agree sometimes you can have a really crazy weed high to where you think your seeing stuff..but after you do shroomz and other hallucenigenic drugs you stop thinkin your trippin when your high off weed. Its still the best high there is though!:smoke::smoke:
  10. I've done plenty more than my share of goodies. I get open eye visuals about 75% of the time I smoke - lots of patterns of light and color no melting or breathing or anything. I also have some pretty serious trails even when I'm sober.

  11. that is one problem i would love to have !
  12. my tolerence has been low for 3 years, i literally have blazed the same amount of weed 3 times, sometimes 4 a week (like 2 - 3 hits off a bowl) and i get completely wrecked for 3 - 4 hours, i've barely scratched a gram off an ounce i bought a almost a month ago
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