I find the best smoke of the day to be...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Floyd Pepper, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. ...that first one in the morning. I grab a bowl and have my morning poo while I'm at it before my shower. It's perfect, sit down sober, stand up stoned.
  2. Sounds unsanitary.
  3. How so? My hands touch nothing besides the bowl and lighter, since I'll kill it before I gotta wipe. Try it maan.
  4. I do that sometimes, nice bong rips on the toilet. But I'd have to say my best smoke is at night after I get home from work. Eat my dinner then get high, watch squidbillies, look at naughty pictures then drift off to sleep:smoke:
  5. Nothing like a Shit, Smoke and a Shower, and busting a nut to top it off
  6. Do we have to masturbate EVERY time we get high alone?

  7. yes...
  8. :laughing:

    bonging on the toliet is so funny to me for some reason..

    I like to smoke before bed. Also when I wake up and in the afternoon and all those hours in between there :rolleyes:

  9. Your Sig is cool.

    I like to smoke weed in the morning and at night...I only smoke weed few times a week. Cutting back ALOT.
  10. The best blunt of the day is always ''the 1st one'' u take 2 or 3 pulls off of it, then next thing u know, the tingly feeling. :smoke:
  11. I have to say, my favorite is after a long days school. Just right after, in the car just parked at the beach looking at the water. It's nice.

  12. I avoid it, because it will kill my high, good way to sober up though

  13. Hmmm. I actually ended up thinking the same thing last night. Kind of a bummer.
  14. well then dont jerk off too hard boys, putting all that energy into one thing feels good lol, but i mean youre basically working out when you do it, just a real small workout :D

    and exercising does kill highs.
  15. Yeah smoking a bong rip in the morning in your bed right as you wake up is the best.
  16. A morning smoke and a cup of coffee is great but so is a joint in bed with your girl before you caress each other and drift off to sleep
  17. I dont like tokin in the morning, make's me feel scuzzy all day. I like to wait until about 2-3 PM and then sit down and smoke 5 or 6 bowls with the boys.
  18. not a good habit to get into man smoking while youre shitting can cause hemoroids. mostly coughing while sitting on the toilet. just a lot of pressure on your butthole. but i feel u on that morning routine!
  19. I dunno, I've done it for years and years and my tender hole still feels fine.
  20. I do the same thing... it makes waking up like 50x more enjoyable :p

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