I find it really funny when...

Discussion in 'General' started by buffalo bill, May 10, 2010.

  1. ugly people put their pictures as their avatars, and you can't tell if it's really them or they're joking (like my picture, which i hope everybody has realised is a joke and is not really me :eek:)

    anybody ever confronted somebody about their picture and said something like "damn thats an ugly guy in your avatar where the fuck did you find that shit?" and the person being all like "motherfucker thats me..."?
  2. Dude I know for a fact that's you!
  3. aw shit you know what i only made this thread to try some reverse psychology shit on you motherfuckers to try to cover my arse

    i only uploaded it because my husband told me to
  4. i was told that i look like a "middle aged lesbian"
    based on my avatar
  5. I think I look pretty good.
  6. my avatar is a portrait of me and i must say the artist did an excellent job. great eye for the details. ya don't usually find humans with such attention to blowfish details.
  7. Oh no! Secrets out:eek: I'm not just a floating swirl of colours living against the laws of physics in this reality!
  8. I truly am the one DMT molecule made flesh.

    Bow before me.
  9. So you made this thread just to clarify that, that isn't actually you in your avatar?

    Attention whore. :wave:
  10. Well, all I can say is I'm damn good with my hands, and I love trees, especially Happy ones ;)
  11. [​IMG]
  12. happytreefriends is an awesome show. :smoking:

    oh, and bob ross rocks my easel's.
  13. live and let live
  14. I thought everyone knew it was a drawing of me in my avatar :confused: you guys are slacking!

    tha professor - let me get them digits ;)

  15. I see some stragglers in the back standing upright :mad:

    Genuflect before me fools!
  16. uh oh.. someone's power hungry :p
  17. yea im actually a cartoon rabbit from like 600 years ago that made millions of dollars fuckin with a duck a cowboy and a guy with a lisp.

    beat that crackers.
  18. i wish i was Theodore Kaczynski, minus the killing people and shit. i just like his nickname. :cool:
  19. wow i don't know how you came to that conclusion but you should really think about the insults you throw around before you write them.

    I'm making fun of the fact that you can't tell if an ugly person has put that avatar there as a joke when they set it as their real picture.

    I realised the irony of what I posted because of my avatar.

    So shut your little mouth eh? :)
  20. An attractive middle-aged lesbian... WTF, there goes my record. :rolleyes:

    My avatar is me killing you.

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