I Finally get to find out if im a Dad!!

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  1. :hello::hello::D:D:hello::hello::hello::hello::D:D So about 6 months ago a relationship ended badly with me spending day in the slammer not so bad honestly but after all shes proclaimed the paternity test from social service i finaly get to submit my DNA and Find out if this baby boys mine! i took care of him never missed a obgyn appointment im so happy :hello::hello::hello::hello:

  2. Why would you want a kid?? especially with a chick you aren't even with anymore?? I know that I would never submit to a paternity test ever and I would have my lawyers fight with everything they have to ensure that I wouldn't have to take one.
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    defernce between me and you i love this kid no matter what i miss seeing his heart beat idk maybe posters with kids will better understand but the joy i havei n my heart when i think of baby elijah i miss the baby he if is mine ima fighting to spend as much time i can beforei leave for the military he is my purpose to doing better improving hes my everything

    idk just somthing about it i miss i will admitt im terriably drunk at the moment and proly dunker as tonght goes on cause i have so masny mixed feels at the moment hate for her love for the i love her still so much going threw wheres my beer bottle :

  4. Why wouldn't you simply WANT to take the test so if the kid belongs to you, you can take responsibility for what you did and be a father to the child?

    I wouldn't want a kid either, but damn I'd atleast take responsibility for something I made...
  5. im with this guy!

    i hope the middle name in Elijah J not repeating the whores last name
    stands for my middle name julian it mean alot if she kept those 2 names threw all this
  6. Seriously that was a disgusting post to read. You wouldn't even want to know. I'm gonna google moral compass and be right back.

  7. I would offer to pay for an abortion. If she refused then she would then have to enter a legal battle that would be very costly to her. Why should I have to take responsibility for something that I wouldn't want??? doesn't make much sense to me.
  8. kid was born oct 5 2011.......

  9. Damn. Well in that situation I would lawyer up hardcore. But, you seem to want the child so if thats what you want then go for it. You really shouldn't make your whole life about a child though. Your life is about you and achieving your goals. I personally will never have a kid EVER because I care more about living a good life and I feel like a kid would hold me back and annoy me constantly. I hate kids btw if you can't already tell.
  10. I don't really ever see myself liking kids much but I like that the OP is truly concerned about the kid. That's nice to see especially when some guys really don't give a shit about being there for their kids. Just hope he doesn't get taken advantage of by his ex with child support and various expenses.
  11. Men get boned so damn hard in situations of this nature.

    Say you do not want a kid but take every precaution to do so. As in wearing a condom every time. But say the girl you're dating is an idiot and desperately wants a kid. She doesn't take birth control. BC has a much higher rate of success than a condom. So say the condom breaks or something manages to get through and she gets pregnant...Theres not a damn thing you can do about it. You cannot force her to have an abortion, you cannot skip town or ignore the child. You will be forced to financially support it. The only thing you could attempt to do is reason with her..Using logic with a girl is like trying to convince a christian god doesn't exist. Good luck for that..

    Off topic but yeah, men get boned hard when it comes to shit like that..

  12. Exactly, that's why it's called the money shot. Chicks get pregnant to get financial support these days.
  13. Something that I despise with a passion are feminists..not the ones fighting for women's rights in countries where they literally have no rights..But the fake feminists that focus on non existent issues in the US LOL.

    A girl can lay on her back, get knocked up 2-3 times by 2-3 guys, or just score one financially well off guy..and tada, shes taken care of completely. By the guy, by the government..and feminists have the audacity to say america is still sexist? Riiiighttt..

  14. Sexism exists in America, and it goes both ways. One way it works against men is in instances mentioned in this thread--those involving children and sexuality. But let us remember that men have advantages in their favor as well. We're working towards an equilibrium; It takes time.

  15. Here's a thought... don't have sex with idiots.

    Or at the very least, don't have sex with a woman you can't trust.
  16. i honeslty just wish i could change his last name

  17. Because regardless of whether or not you should have a say in keeping/aborting the baby, you don't have one. So if the kid is yours it's absolutely appauling that you'd leave that child to be raised by a single mother.


  18. I'm with this guy.

    Why can't a dude really not want a kid, so much that the woman aborts it. Why is it solely up to the woman in such a life changing decision?
  19. A decent argument..But you wouldn't fully know. If the subject matter was never brought up I never knew her stance on it. You can get to know someone but then truly no realize they idiots/morons/retards until a while out.

    Or you could be dating a girl and she says "yeah, I don't want kids id abort it don't worry" then turn right around and change her mind when she gets knocked up. :S

  20. Im not going to debate whether or not the guy should have a voice in the matter, but if you wouldn't take responsibility for YOUR child AFTER the birth, then you aren't mature enough to even be having sex in the first place IMO.

    A lot dads didnt want to have a kid, but when they laid eyes on a life form they created they have enough of a conscience to atleast be involved.

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