I feel sorry for my friend

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  1. A few weeks ago was my best friends birthday. His mom convinced his dad to give him like 400$.

    Well, my buddy got a new cell phone and his parents told him he had unlimited texting.
    He didn't. He went about 800$ over the normal 200$ bill so they took their 400$ back.

    Sad stuff man.
  2. That's why I use cricket >>;
    $30 for unlimited text and calling.
  3. IDK why they took the money, they told him he had unlimited text...
  4. lmao kids :wave: get boost mobile
  5. he should have raised hell with the phone company..they usually sympathize with outrageous bills due to unknown charges.
  6. It wasn't unknown, his parents told him he had unlimited texting, he did not. So he texted his little heart out.

    They did end up refunding them some money for some reason so he got a tad back.
  7. maybe your friend Jacob, is a liar. maybe your friend wants you to feel sorry for him. Maybe your friend is a bloodsucking vampire and feeds off of his friends sympathies and sorrys. maybe.
  8. It's always a possibility, generally I can sniff those people out though. I've known my friend for almost 6 years, we pretty much see each other every weekend, I don't think so.
  9. like I said. Maybe. ;) nothing is for sure. everything is uncertain. Always searching, reaching, looking, finding, thinking ....
  10. maybe your friend should pay his own bills and he`d know wether his account had unlimited text or not and who the hell texts that much
  11. I think he should too, but he's unemployed. Or "looking" in his words. Also, I know about a lot of people who text incessantly.
  12. Texting is lame. Just call if you want to chill or talk. I do text girls when I don't want to be, though. Having conversations through text is so gay, but I don't mind if someone is just asking something relevant.
  13. I agree but I'm not asking you to call what my friend does gay and lame, so shove off.
  14. imagine. working on your car, or just plain at work busy doing shit. Texting is hella convenient for shit like that. thats what it made for. But all the school boys and girls made it OMG TEXT ROFL BRB LTR BLAH BLAHTEXT TEXT:eek:
  15. i hate having to be on at&t, changing contracts costs so much, i'm getting the at&t tilt tho, its 50 bucks for unlimited everything which isn't bad considering its a pocket pc
  16. That sucks man..

    Your friend should probably be paying his own bill though. If the bill came to him or he paid it, he would at least take the initiative to see what he's paying for. Then he'd know what kind of plan he has.

    It sucks that his parents told him the wrong information, though. That's definitely not his fault. I don't know why they took the money back for their mistake lol.

    Though I definitely would have given the 400$ back anyways. an 800$ phone bill is fucking massive lol.

    Anytime I went without a job all my services (not just phone) were cut off. Sure gave me some good motivation for finding another job sooner :)
  17. such is the way when you live with mommy and daddy
  18. Hey, just saying your friend texts a lot and you can't actually have that much important shit to say all the damn time. It sucks his parents were misinformed or pathologically lying. I don't care, but either way I was just saying texting is weird when you do it all the time.

    Also, you seem to think only your friend could do something like this. I couldn't just be observing that fact that a ton of people do this. So defensive. :rolleyes:
  19. I don't know about you, but when someone calls me gay it's an insult. You called my friend gay for texting, that's insulting to my friend. And if you don't care about the threat besides stating that my friends gay for texting because it's weird, why are you posting?
  20. ah, more needless bickering at one of the chillest places around.

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