I Feel Like Dogs Shouldn't Know This....

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  1. My good friend has this awesome black lab. Shes a girl. 2-4 years old. Not sure on the age. But she is young.

    I go over to the house almost everyday. And I pet the shit out of that dog everytime I'm over. So she gets crazy excited when I get there.

    I jumped up on a bed and the dog jumped up with me. She plopped on her back, exposing her belly. I proceeded to scratchy scratch scratch it until I got bored. I stopped scratching.... she stood up on all fours. Walked reeeeaal close to me. I swear, in my high thinking she was going in for a kiss. But I was wrong... her face went for my ear. And she nibbled and licked my ear for about 5 seconds. I giggled in extacy as it felt amazing.

    Then I stopped laughing and thought..... how does this dog know that a human would love having his ear nibbled?

    I had a girl do that to me once and it was amazing, how does this dog know that!?

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    Dogs get humans so much! There is a connection there that cannot be found with other animals, probably since humans have a very long history of domesticated dogs as companions.

    My brother found a German Shepard puppy on the freeway years ago. This beautiful dog is now 7 years old and a truly amazing animal. While wrestling, he tries to get his jaws around your neck, but does it in a way that is impossibly gentle, yet firm at the same time. When he pins me, with jaws that seem to easily hit the floor when he has my neck in his mouth, I go limp, signaling his victory, and he jumps off licking and wagging his tail, happy as can be, ready to go again. He also seeks out second hand smoke and obviously enjoys the effects! (note, we never actively seek to smoke him out, but he seems to find us whenever we light up, and goes out of his way to inhale the visible smoke.)

    I am moving into a house and will finally be able to adopt a companion in a matter of months! Never been so excited!
  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha

    sounds like you had a moment.. with a dog

    im pretty sure the dog doesnt KNOW that you enjoyed its tongue in your ear haha
  4. Dogs are great, I feel like they think much more like humans than any other animal (domesticated).
  5. Yeah, dogs are the next best thing besides humans. Maybe better.
  6. Dogs have a great memory ever since you have seen this dog you give it attention. So when you come visit it knows right away that you give tons of attention. So it gets all pumped because dogs love new people and attention.

    Black Labs are super affectionate and LOVE attention.

    When she jumped up btw, she prob tried to go for your face but you turned your head so she went for your ear, not sure about this but it sounds right.

    The lab will prob remember you for ever now...
  7. did you get a boner
  8. Thats how dogs show affection.

  9. go away troll.
  10. bahahaha

    hey op, sounds like this dog wants you bad. :laughing:
  11. Dude, its not even that. Like yeah it was tongue. But she nibbled so gently on part of the ear where most guys/girls have it pierced. It felt like she had done it before...

    Yes.. when I walk in with my friend (whom owns the dog) she runs past him and jumps on me. Its humorous.

    But nah man. We were looking face to face. And she went towards my face then went like she was going to tell me a secret and nibbled my ear.

    Stfu. :wave:
  12. the dog probably doesnt know you like it, he just saw your ear and though..."might aswell just lick it."
  13. ahaha this thread is giving me many lulz. 5 stars sir.
  14. I think it was licking you to either thank you or to try and persuade you to continue petting it. The fact that it went for your ear is probably just because that's the easiest thing it could reach with its mouth. Pretty sure its just the equivalent of the dog petting you back, the fact that you got hard because of it is probably still unknown to the dog.
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    I'm laughing about it now too. As I reread my posts I sound like a creep planning on fucking dogs. BUT... I just don't understand how a dog would know a human turn on spot.

    Nutslikekingkong... I don't remember ever saying anything in my original post about getting a boner.... lets not make dumbass assumptions, sweet thanks. :)
  16. lol my friends black lab (12 or 13 months but 80 lbs) is the same way, super hyperactively excited to see people, and it'll just bury its nose in my ear and sniff for like a minute
  17. So your saying a dog 'nibbling' on your ear turns you on? :confused:

  18. No... I rather not be licked by a dog at all. Kind of grosses me out.

    But when a girl nibbles on my ear, yes, I get very turned on.

    I just don't understand how a dog, instead of licking my face, or pushing his head into my hand, goes past my face and right to my ear to nibble on it knowing its a ticklish spot for humans. Or was it pure coincidence and she just saw the ear and went for it?
  19. Your relationship with the dog will never be the same...

    Dogs are a Mans best friend, thats how they know.
  20. I think he was saying that the dog seemed to know how to make the human happy, just as the human knew how to make the dog happy by rubbing its belly.

    Symbiotic relationship.

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