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I feel like dabs should get me higher ?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Thenotoriuschris, May 9, 2016.

  1. Been smoking daily for about 3 years, just recently switched over to dabbing and I don't really notice Much of a difference other then the actual method of consumption
  2. hows the quality of your dabs? i've been smoking for 7 yrs or so and i started dabbing years back but switch on and off. I just recently started getting dabs again few months back and they still get my way more stoned then smoking flowers. And i havent taken a tolerance break in a long while
  3. There isn't really any reason dabs should get you any higher than bud. It just depends on how much of each you smoke. THC=THC. Smoking more bud will equal smoking less dabs. Dabs are more concentrated but it's the same stuff.
  4. I totally feel you, I will always expect dabs to get me higher than they ever do. But, I also feel like I can only get so high.

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  5. You guys must have some low potent concentrate...
    dabs send me off to the moon in 1 hit.
    find better concentrate, don't get the dark stuff. The more clear it is the better.
  6. Oil always get me high, as long as I grew the herb that made it. Could be the quality of the material they're using, or maybe they cook off the good stuff purging too hot.
  7. You can't really judge a concentrate's potency by how many dabs it takes as dabs come in all sizes. I doubt those idiots trying doing a 3g dab on youtube need a second hit.
  8. Wish I had the time to make my own oil, that'd be neat.

    These clear waxes now are very potent, rice grain size dabs get me staring into my ceiling lol

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