i feel bad. kids stepped on the plant.

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  1. For about 2 weeks. There has been a few plants growing in my front pot of my apt. So I go on not thinkiung about it. Everyday has been great. Checking it grow. I walk out I see them. I get home I see them. I just can't believe this though that after two weeks of not smoking and watching this plant grow. I been sober. Today I smoke. Today the kids stepped on them.
  2. Might be a little dodgy having plants around your kids m8. Just sayin.
  3. thanks for letting us know
  4. So you've been growing pot at your apartment, you're growing them outside, and you live in Texas. Thanks those kids who stepped on those plants and do it properly.

  5. Yeah thats really bad.. Those kids did you a favor, in a couple of weeks you would have been more upset when they died anyway...
  6. no way. thing is where i stay at, it isn't that hot. theres shade and sun. perfect. but guess what. it did not die. thank the plant heavens. :hello: its still living and plan to love it and even if it doesn't give me buds. it'll bring me joy of having it.
  7. oh the kids are not mine. they were neighbor kids. on top of that they were just visiting. smh. VISITORS!!
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  8. wowsers thankfully the police or someone who knows has not seen them yet and arrested you.
  9. So, an outside in front of your apartment that is a sprout in October -- I hope you realize you are going about this by doing everything the exact opposite of how it should be done...
  10. take that inside and grow it in a closet!
  11. yeah, well i took one in but its turning brown. it must of died. and the other two are outside blooming away. i hope they do not die also. i am doing this as an experiment. not for profit or self profit:smoke:
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    Because I want to be able to tell you I told you so.

    One- You live in the northern hemisphere, it's going to be cold in less than three weeks, cold enough to kill the plant. It will not survive even in good ol texas.

    Two- It's outside. Congratulations, OP, you've officially posted a sign on your front door "I'm growing weed, please take me to county where a man named buba will ensure me, that for the rest of my life, my farts will whistle."

    Thirdly, but not lastly- There are children around. Are you retarded? what kind of message does that not only send to those kids, but to the cops and jury when you are inevitably caught and on trial FOR GROWING WEED OUTSIDE IN OCTOBER ON YOUR PATIO WHERE KIDS ARE STEPPING ON IT.

    And to any mod reading this, please don't delete it. It's both funny and true.

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  13. Try sticking to giving advice about MJ growing, no need for personal insults.
  14. You're right toasty...And I apologize that I wrote that for the public to see.
    On the other hand, it's some of the best advice he's more than likely going to get.
  15. You're playing with fire. Maybe this is a sign from your guardian angel warning you.

    If kids can get to it, so can cops.
  16. Whats up with all the negative vibes?
    Surely he could have planned a bit better but for fucks sake give the man a break.
    I envy you man, as long as they can't be see from the road in my opinion your good as gold.
    All about learning from mistakes and becoming that much wiser.
  17. well first, they died already, are you all happy.

    second, kids do not know what in the world pot looks like

    third where do you get off calling me a dumb ass.

    yeah i posted this in a public forum but i have also stated that i was not growing for profit. im growing as experiment and plus i do not believe some cops are gonna come over to my place and arrest me for some plants that going to die as soon as three weeks. whatever, moderators please delete this post. this freaking guy has got me scared to shit. . .

  18. Sell the kids.
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  19. I'd feel bad too,

    Growing a plant outdoors in the front of my house by my porch in October, those kids are smarter than me.

  20. again, they are not my kids.:wave:

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