I F***** Valentines day up!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bombed, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. So I just got engaged the begining of January and Im currenty traveling internationally. So I was sending her expensive ass flowers and primo chocalates but she went to her parents house over the weekend and I ended up changing the delivery date to Feb. 20. And when it was Vday in her part of the world I was passed out due to no sleep over the period of 24 hours. Then she gets pissed at me, and now Im screwed... Advice??? The story might sound a little wierd thats because its simplified and just kinda put it togther. Another major reason coukd be Im blitzed out my mind on exotics...:smoking:
  2. When she gets, the flowers and stuff you sent later on, she'll realize she was being an ass, and it will platinum again
  3. That gave my very drunk self some serious enjoyment in laughter. Checkin gc for a sec before teh zzzzzzz\\

    all the leaves are brown

    and the sky is gray...

    if i was in la...
  4. vday is just an excuse from women to get more free things, fuck that

  5. i agree, we do dont celebrate it in this relationship. :D

  6. ha, right on, that's what i'm saying! :smoke:
  7. Let me point out something too, just to maybe ease your mind about it and get you to think about this situation from a different standpoint. You and your girl are engaged, right? Congrats. Now, I can't really speak from experience because I, myself, have never been engaged before. But from my standpoint, it's a professional level in a relationship where you two want to be together for basically the rest of your life.

    Now, the thing I got from this is, the girl whom you're engaged too, got mad that you basically didn't call her on valentines? Whoopy doo, I'm sick of girls who act like this because they basically know predominantly in the back of their minds that they are going to be specially treated and taken care of for the day(even though they are treated and paid for every single time you take them out).

    You and her are engaged, this isn't some 13 year old relationship, and she already is getting pissed over something so small that doesn't even really matter anyway? I don't know if it's just me, but I personally don't and won't put up with that.
  8. I don't agree

    if there was an "awesome boyfriend day" and my g/f forgot i'd be really annoyed

  9. That's because it would only be one day out of the year. Where as you're taking your girl out every other night but still wants a "special" day, no thanks, that's for anniversaries, not made up holidays.
  10. flowers are so lame. not to rag on your gifts, it's great you got em for your girl but to me, the ideal gift is not jewelery or flowers but cool shit like chillin with an ounce of mary jane or a brand spankin new harddrive. now _that's_ love. that gets my panties off hahaha.

  11. I still don't agree because Valentines Day isn't specifically about women

    it's more than that - it's not just about taking out your girlfriend - it's about sending that girl/guy you like at the office/school a card with an (anonymous) message for fun - it's about saying to partners "you know, you're special every day but today i'm going to treat you even more"

    besides, V Day is a two way street and I get pampered just as much

    sure you can be negative and see it as a day of commercialism or you can be positive and see it as a day of romance and fun :ey:
  12. the best present to get your girl on vday is some dick

  13. Eh, that's true. I see your point. I guess it really depends on whom you're spending it with. Every girl that I've met in Atlanta, is no doubt, a gold digger, whether they admit it or not. They always end up that way. I don't know what it is about this area! Good ones are hard to find, a rarity.
  14. Think about it this way,

    If you end up getting married, every year, you have to top yourself with an even better gift. You just saved yourself a year.
  15. No, when she gets the chocolate and flowers she will realize that she was just given the most cliche Valentine's Day gift in the world.

    Fuck women who live and die by Valentine's Day
  16. vday is just a big marketing gimmick for marketers. you have people who will go out and get something for someone because all they hear all week long is to get someone a present and everyone will be happy. so it depends on the people in the relationship and what kind of relationship. if its one where gifts are important then they will get gifts 4 each other. if its love, then they wont care about the gifts, just the love, they will understand and it will all be good, but the gift would be nice.
  17. Hey it's the thought that counts. When she gets the stuff on the 20th she'll feel like a dumbass anyway. V-day is a 2 way street as previously stated. I don't expect anything from my boyfriend except love. I don't need "things" to prove he loves me. That's just ridiculous to me. Save your money and just tell her you love her. If that's not enough then I don't know what to tell you.

  18. Couldn't better be said than from a woman herself!
  19. I fucked up valentine's day by not having a girlfriend :rolleyes:...

    Yours was at least by accident, mine is probably my own damn fault :p

    My suggestion: Just give more attention the next holiday...enough so she'll forget what happened yesterday ;)

    Of course, once she gets the gifts she'll realize you at least didn't forget. If she looks at the date sent, at least....hope everything's all right (you lucky sonuva bitch :laughing:)
  20. Just call her explain everything, most of the time girls will understand once you explain things to them. Its not like you completely forgot or anything.

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