I drew a picture of Squidward

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  1. In one of my art classes, I drew a picture of Squidward. We had to use toned paper, but since I had none, I used the back of my paper pad, the cardboard, and finished it before class ended.

    Tentacles 9"x12" Graphite/Charcoal

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  2. Thats Awesome Man I made it my desktop background nice work. :hello::smoke::smoke:
  3. badass dude..
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    Good job man!

    Made me laugh. :)
  5. Thats really great work! You should post more!
  6. Wow. I wish I knew how to draw like that.
  7. Love it! Frame that shit and hang it on a wall.
  8. thats pretty dope.
  9. I remember that image, that's hilarious and it looks great
  10. i dunno who squidward is but thats a nice drawing man
  11. I love this image....lol...
    great job man.
  12. That's amazing. you are really talented if u can do that with charcoal

  13. The only charcoal are the white highlights :p

  14. Really? I always found it kinda of hard to get really dark shades with graphite. Did you use pencils. An Ebony graphic pencil maybe? I like ebony for darker shades.
  15. In person the graphite appears less black, and reflective, but that's how the scanner read the image.

    I would use an Ebony, but I feel like they are a bitch to use with other graphite pencils. I worked all the blacks with a 6B pencil
  16. how long was your class? like how long did it take to make it?
  17. Class was from 1-5, and I finished it in 2 hours and left early:wave:

  18. fuck man i wish i could draw like that
  19. I did it the easy way, though. :p

    I printed and transferred the drawing directly onto the cardboard (via graphite) and just put the shades and highlights in the correct spots, and blended them appropriately.

  20. easy way or not the outcome is ballin

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