I don't wanna lose my hammers color.

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  1. I recently cleaned my hammer bubbler and lost alot of the color. I really don't want to lose it again. :( my friends tell me to not clean it but I like the taste of a clean piece.
    I used 91% ISO and I clean it after every quarter-half.
    So what I'm saying is do I have to clean it? Is anyone else on here a fan of piece that have reached there maximum color?
  2. I clean all the time, every day!

    You don't have to clean, but it's healthier for you to clean.
  3. It wasn't really the color, it was just the resin behind it showing contrast. And you should definitely value a clean pipe over a pretty one, it's much better for you.
  4. It's yellow and pink though when clear :( however it changes to a nice blue green And purple his name his mr crabs since the arm
    On him has a crab claw.
  5. Dude, you have two choices:

    1. Clean it and loose the color

    2. Leave it fuckin nasty, and unhealthy, but keep the color.

    There really no in between.
  6. /thread pretty much.

    Just keep the pipe clean man. It's all about the good tasting herb. :smoke:
  7. honestly if you just smoking a pipe theres not a point in cleaning it much at all. If its chameleon glass it kinda doesnt make sence to clean it.
  8. ^that's what I was thinking. Oh well I already have it soaking in the 91% it's been an hour and there's still a little
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    Take a picture, it'll last longer.

    Seriously though, just keep it clean if you don't like the taste of wet resin, but take a picture you can look at it when your piece is clean and think wow that looks kool but end up gagging at the thought of the nasty taste

  10. It always makes sense to clean it. It becomes... clean!
  11. How EXACTLY does letting resin build up inside a bong or bubbler cause a health hazard.

    Im aware that it smells and tastes bad.
  12. it's sticky tar shit, like in cigarettes but not nearly as bad (and i do apologize for comparing weed to tobacco). one of my pieces used to be loaded with resin, and it wasnt too bad. i ended up cleaning it because my screen was getting too dirty though

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