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I Dont Understand

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by supermanbygrass, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. I am soo pissed i was supposed to smoke last night but a rumor was going around that they are having a drug test at our school on MONDAY--so here is my theory why dont all the smokers in here get together and make a fucking pill or drink that counter balances the test and nobody gets in trouble---this makes me soo mad so this is wat i am going to do, i will make a fucking pill or something to help all the stoners out there---fucking genius if someone can help me i will need all the help i can get!!!! gonna find the solution--this is my destiny
  2. skip monday...
  3. No way man i am not going to sit around and stress and skip school. i will find something to automatically pass a DT in one day---i will not fail:cool:
  4. i would skip monday.

    or buy one of those piss things with seems quite sketch but hay worth a shot.
  5. use someone elses piss
  6. how do u use someone elses piss?
  7. have them piss in an unlubricated condom, tie it off, and tape it to the inside of your leg...

    or just fucking refuse the test...where do you go that they could possibly make you drug test?
  8. it is at school and i hav to or u get expelled
  9. Whoever's giving you the piss test isn't going to sit there in the bathroom watching you use... Get a little, maybe one of those shampoo bottles that you can find in hotels..and have one of your non-smoker friends or cool brother/sister to pee in it...pocket it..and pour it when they give you the cup.

    ...and I think there are detox pills. My buddy used some, got 'em from the headshot. They were called Stingers...I think some kids from GA tech manufactured them.
  10. In order to do that you'd need to attend a private high school or participate in extracurriculars. A public school cannot mandate a drug test, only have it as a requireent for certain activities.
  11. What happens if you fail a drug test at your school?
  12. i think someone already suggested this.. but just SKIP, man. like seriously.. there aint nothin wrong with skipping school every once in awhile, as long as you keep your grades up and shit.

    thats complete bullshit, though. if schools can afford drug screening for the WHOLE fuckin school.. the government is givin em too much of your parents tax money lol. ive never heard of schools doin this to their students..

    so i think youd be safe just tokin up, man. like i said, skip school if the rumors are confirmed bout the drug testing. aint that big of a deal.

  13. I will hav to check out those stingers and th shampoo piss bottle, and fuck it if i want to skip no big deal thanks guys :smoking:
  14. wow. id fuckin get out of that school. permanently. no way in the world would i stand for that shit.
  15. so how was it for your school wat was the punishment if caught or failed a piss test?:confused:
  16. know one knows because ive never heard of being piss tested at school.
  17. Why are they giving you a drug test? Are you in sports or some shit? Well just refuse to take the test, and if they expell you for it then find another school that isn't so wack.
  18. well ya i am in the hacky sack club and i wrestle and since those are extracurriculars i get DT any time in the school year at random:devious:
  19. how can they make a hackysack club, and expect them to pass a UA!? hahaha

    dude they already make pills a drinks to clean your system, just go to the headshop and buy one. It might be expensive but if getting kicked outta school is that important go buy something.
  20. ya i might go do that thanks dude

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