I don't understand this (Youtube vid)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BCBudBoy, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. This clip is making no sense for me.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6Qm7zB60vc&feature=related]YouTube - Jordan Tower TONELOC SMOKES THE MOST WEED[/ame]

    Please watch it and discuss lol. It's this fairly stereotypical rapper style guy, who spends this entire video showing everybody how much weed he smokes and how much bling he has. That's literally the entire 8 minute video is just that. Over and over. I'm not trying to be rude but is he for real? Like who in hell does that? And not meaning to offend those of you who like/appreciate this video. But I don't understand it is it meant to be comic? Or is he like "yo I am so for real look at this 2oz. bud of marijuana! And then watch me smoke a blunt of all of it! rarrr"

    Sorry im baked so i rambled. But you get the essence - ideas pls
  2. Dis nig got bling yo
    Straight up, word

    Jordan towers, looking down on ya'll
  3. I'm sorry I watched 2 minutes of it. I can't tell if hes for real but if he is then in my personal opinion, hes a douche bag. I don't care if he wants to talk about his car, his sexy ass woman, his big house, but when he brags about his weed... I can't help but laugh. :smoke:
  4. is this dude for real? i mean..wtf. wish i could neg rep him....
  5. lol... he started the video by saying
    "I don't be boasting and bragging about the weed"
  6. Sounds like a poser wanna be gangster to me.
  7. i wonder who smokes the most weed? oh yeah that fucktard, sorry i forgot he only said 1234152303 times
  8. Good shit, and by that I mean this guy is absolutely turrible
  9. couldn't watch it for more than a minute.
  10. hahahhaaha....wwaat?! this guys a fucker..i smoke ttha moost tree..and got the most bling.i wish i could be friends with this guy hes cool as fuck...NNNOOOTTT
  11. This ***** is an embarassment.

    Too bad Tone Loc is a rapper.

    He aint no Loc either.

    This guy pisses me off. >.>
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't this guy get arrested for showing his growroom?
  13. I hope so.This guy is a fuckin joke.
  14. That guy is a complete tool. But hey, he smokes the most weed. He probably never had much friends.
  15. jordan tower....sounds like a failed attempt at a rapper name....which is about %80 of rapper names
  16. i took this vid with a pinch of salt... isn't he just joking around? playing a 'character' so to speak...?
  17. He talks in the third person...

    No offence to Mary Jane, but he done smoked himself retarted.

    Or he was born that way...

    I'll opt for the later.
  18. He wrote funky cold medina!? it all makes sense.
  19. have you ever heard the word "satire?"

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