I dont understand this 'ruderalis' thing...question

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    Ive got several different breeds out in the pickers growing well.In the area I have white widows I have a few plants that are showing only 3 leaves. Plants are 3-4' tall and very compact and bushy. They are also starting to flower. They have been taking care of...good soil, nutes and water. So i guess my question is why are they only showing 3 leaves? They started out inside with 5 but as soon as they got a good dose of sun they just kinda changed. Ive done some research on this and it seems its the 'ruderalis' breeding showing through.
    They stink...they are doing good. I'm just curious.
    I do not have pics do to the chance of getting caught with pics of my babies on me.
  2. helloooo? anyone?
  3. Ok, so I also have a plant that is a hybrid - Purple kush/Ruderalis. This is very normal - the Ruderalis traits are definitely shown. Here is a picture of my Lowryder, does yours resemble this?


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  4. I don't think this has anything to do w genetics or ruderalis. When your plant was inside it wasn't getting the amount/intensity of light the sun provides. So even though it was already vegging, it seems like it did sort of a reveg thing. I had this happen many a times.
  5. North guerilla has it spot on. They WERE tryin to re-veg but you said they showing flowers so they have got over it.
    Im guessing they were started early? What light cycle were you runnin before you put them out?? And what were the daylight hrs when they were put out?
  6. Tey do resemble the pic above. They were started early indoors under lights 14/10. They were planted in nearly the same light cycle but ma nature is more intense. Appreciate the input. Just curious I guess
  7. I laugh when ppl talk crap about rudes being low in THC, my argument- sativa and indica were both in the 3-8% THC range just 35 years ago
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    Who said anything about that?
  9. A ton of ppl I've been trying to find a true rudie for a while now, a real 100% rude not an autoflower a short 2-3' tall with pudgy short fingers less than baseball size and have at some select breeding to bring it back to the mainlight with indica and sativa

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