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I don't understand suspicions of laced weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Kubasow, May 25, 2012.

  1. New to weed in general, but I really dont get this:

    Why do so many people talk about how they think weed they got / smoked was laced...

    How is it logical to lace weed with unmentionables and whatnot? I don't get it, wouldn't that make it MORE expensive? Why would they sell it to you without your knowing of it?

    I get how ppl weigh down weed and whatever to rip people off, but im pretty sure any logical way to do that doesn't involve using something that would "lace" the weed or make you higher...

    I just don't get it. How could you smoke weed laced with something without knowing? I can't think of a scenario, except maybe someone wanted to date rape you?
  2. maybe your dealer has a grudge on you, or just likes to fuck with people.

    that's honestly the only things i could think of. anyone who laces their weed to unsuspecting customers, deserves to get shot.
  3. To get them addicted to their weed forcing them to buy more and more. When in reality instead if just weed they are buying PCP or something like that also, PCP is extremely cheap and less overwhelming then most hard drugs.
  4. I think it's just people who are light weights. It's when the light weights smoke way too much weed and end up having panic attacks, and the cool closed eye hallucinations that some herbal can give you if you smoke enough of it. Then they think it was laced because their high was overwhelming.

    I've never gotten any weed laced with anything, nor have I ever heard any hot leads to find laced weed.
  5. [quote name='"KeepTheCycle"']To get them addicted to their weed forcing them to buy more and more. When in reality instead if just weed they are buying PCP or something like that also, PCP is extremely cheap and less overwhelming then most hard drugs.[/QUOTE]

    This is hat I thought, but they'd think it's just weed and their dealer would lose money constantly lacing the weed with other drugs. Idk if what I said makes sense, but that's my guess
  6. people would lace bud so you get hooked and keep coming back. so they make a living in this hard world. and no not every drug is super duper expensive so dont gimme that bs. and its not that easy to tell the difference since you think you just picked up some "dank shit"..
  7. What if it's some schwaggy brick weed? Could it get 'laced' with pesticide or fertilizer?
  8. If i was to lace weed they wouldnt be alive to tell the tale, it would have so many smokeable unmentionalbes that they would die/perma trip of one hit. Its a myth it doesnt make sense and is a great scare tactic because for some strange reason logical reasoning goes out the window! id do it to fuck with people but i dont deal so that ends that endeveour. Personally i think its kids who want to say theyve taken this drug and that drug when really they are a bitch and cant handle their weed, unless in some overly rare occasion when it actually was laced. (not saying your a bitch if you cant handle your high but if you around spouting it was laced n shit, just get real)

  9. Pcp is an extremely overwhelming drug lol and even though it's cheap it wouldn't be anywhere near cost-effective to put it through weed and sell it as normal product.
  10. Here guys...Let's do some math:

    So say, Bob...We'll call him Bob, so Bob picks up a quarter of *Not marijuana* for about 100-200 (Dependin' on location) and Bob loves this shit, man, fuckin' loves it. Out of the blue...Fred, yeah, we'll go with Fred...So, out of the blue Fred calls up Bob lookin' to score a decent quarter at about 50-100 (Again, location) of *Marijuana* since Bob is a decent hookup it was natural for Fred to call him.

    And then Bob looks at his sack of *Not marijuana* and thinks to himself "I could get him addicted to my weed if I mix *Not marijuana* with *Marijuana*!" So Bob mixes in about 50 of his sack in with Fred's sack.

    Bob just lost out on $50 for addin' a minimal amount of *Not Marijuana* to *Marijuana*.:cool:
  11. I like how this is right above a " I think my weed is laced" thread haha
  12. People certainly do underhandedly lace weed. [​IMG]

    It does happen, and not always when the buyer is expecting it or looking for it.

    When you've seen just how crappy and low-grade some imports can be, it's easy to understand why lacing herb can be a financially savvy route for certain underhanded businessmen.

    Most folks making smaller purchases expect to see the product before they buy it, or sample it, even. But that's often not the case when buying in bulk, to the tune of a couple hundred (or more than a few thousand) pounds.

    For instance, a dealer drops a huge load of cash on a product that, ultimately, he simply can not sell, as-is.

    He breaks through the first few feet, and finds the core of each bale is vastly inferior to the outside, and even the outside may not be so good. Many people use solvents to extract glandular material, then re-dry the cannabis before selling, even and especially on a large scale.

    This can render bud virtually impotent, even if it still looks pretty decent and intact. The trichome stalks and cuticles (heads) are often still present... just virtually emptied.

    When a buyer is in that situation, right now, as it is, it's either a 100% loss or a huge amount of effort and time to extract what little hash there is, when he may or may not even be able to move it in his market.

    Keep in mind, that when you get down to it, cannabis is a considerably tame drug and people are really not expecting THAT much from it and many of those who consistently smoke low-grade often don't even know what to expect, so it doesn't take much of certain hard, plant-based, sometimes legal and synthetic substances, to provide a pretty intense sensation.

    Wetted, laced, and re-dried, for a very small cost, a dealer who makes an extraordinarily bad buy can at least make something back without losing the next connection, who may be expecting this next haul in a timely manner.

    When larger amounts change hands, and it goes between dealers who use very little, or none of the cannabis themselves, it's very easy and at dealer-rates it's surprisingly cost effective to lace inferior product.
    These days, hard drugs are often cheaper than cannabis anyhow, and you only need a tiny amount of these less-expensive substances to cause something like the level of effect, that a cannabis user would expect (albeit an odd, and suspicious effect).

    I've seen it happen with my own eyes with a huge quantity, they were quite experienced when it came to doing it, and they acted as though it was business as usual and fairly common in their line of work, not just among themselves, but among many of their competitors, and it was the first, and the last time I ever associated with these fellows (I've never been into anything 'big' trade-wise of course, only in the legitimate medical community, my time with them was purely social). It reminded me why I haven't bought a street-bag in well over a decade [​IMG]

    TL;DR - Thousands of pounds are laced each year, this is why they need to just end the prohibition of our canna in such a way that we can all grow our own, or buy locally, without risking harm or threat from both 'authority figures' and unscrupulous salesmen. \t\t[​IMG]
  13. Yeah weed is laced much more than you would think...many times without you even noticing. Mostly to make mediocre buds more higher quality
  14. Interesting. My friends and I always sort of just joked about our weed being laced whenever we got suuuper stoned. I can only recall one time when we legitimately thought it probably had been laced with something.
  15. Yo, I used to smoke laced shit. When I first started smoking I was buying this bud that was really expensive, but I was convinced it was dank as hell when it really was laced with smack. I got addicted to that shit and felt like death when I wasn't high. You seriously gotta watch out. That dealer hooked me right in. It was hard to notice that it was even laced because I just thought it gave a killer body high.
  16. horse raddish.

    you would know if your weed was laced lol
  17. I want some laced weed. Too bad i have a trustowrthy dealer :/
  18. so wld u say ppl lace mids more than dank ? cuz from wat im reading it seems like they lace it to make it more potent but dank is potent enough
  19. I'm not positive, but I think I had laced weed one time. It was from a dealer I got into an argument with. I smoked this weed and had a panic attack. Figured it was just a normal marijuana panic attack.

    So I gave it another shot. Another fucking panic attack and I passed out. I decided it couldn't happen again, so I smoked it again. Surprise, fucking panic attack.

    I through the rest of the bag away. There was around 2 grams. Never happened to me again.
  20. anyone who laces cannabis is spoiling their medicine

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