I don't understand homophobia

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  1. As a straight guy who grew up around tons of gay people, I am completely comfortable around gay guys. However, as an athlete I have been friends and teammates with tons of guys who would actually get angry just by seeing two guys show affection to each other (nevermind the fact that they'd slap my butt every time I struck out a guy to end an inning or when I'd hit a homer) and who would support laws that would subjugate or discriminate against gays. Why is that? What is so threatening about gay dudes?
  2. I completely understand you, my bestfriend growing up is gay and he came out about a year ago. But that doesn't make me think of him differently

    They're people.
  3. Absolutely. Actually, one of my best friends in HS was a closeted gay guy who was totally petrified to come out to me until about 4 years after I knew he was gay. We're still very close friends and our relationship has not changed. We still smoke blunts and talk philosophy together and watch shows like Futurama and That '70s Show with each other.

    He's never tried to make a move on me and I've never "turned gay" simply from being near him...
  4. Ya man I really see no reason for anger towards them. It really has no reasoning behind it. Maybe cause I have someone gay in my family but really before I even knew I still felt the same.
  5. People fear what they don't understand.
  6. The best antidote to fear is knowledge. Too bad most homophobes won't listen :/

  7. True story... that's why education is all important.
    As long as it's true.

    *cough marijuana *cough homosexuality *cough

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