i dont no if this is the right place to ask this...

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  1. it kinda has to do with sex.... i feel like i'll get in virtual trouble if i post this ne where else...

    i read a short story recently about a kid who, at the beginning of the story is portrayed as a sexually confused kid who's just extremely perverted.... like shoving carrots up his butt and shit.
    anyway, by the end of the story the kid ends up dying because he was choking himself at the bottom of the pool, jacking off with a pool vacuum thing shoved up his ass, which he gets stuck to... and it pulls his intestines out and kills him. his parents come home and find him stuck on the vacuum at the bottom of a pool filled with cum.

    anyone know the name of that story?
  2. ... what.
  3. yeah i no its fucked up
  4. I've heard a true story about a young kid about 8 or 9 having his ass stuck to the bottom vent of the pool when it was draining, pulling out his intestines. I read it in a book once, a very very disturbing thing to read.
  5. never heard of it.
  6. yeah i know, it was a book!!! do u remember the name?!
  7. that story is so old and sketchy, someone google it for proof and rep.
  8. already tried googling it .. it just came up with news reports of that happening to some little girl. but i wanna find the storyyyyy
  9. I lol'd at "shoving carrots up his butt".
  10. I actually remember reading part of this book! But i cant remember the name :( There were a bunch of really twisted sex storys in it. Ill see if i can find it
  11. hahahahhahahahhahaha
  12. I heard that this girl got a frozen hot dog stuck in her vagina awhile back and they had to call the ambulance to remove it
  13. LMAO @ the tag for this thread
  14. Looking forward to someone naming this "book" and yes, lol @ the tag.
  15. what the hell?? Dragon-Kush, naming this "Book"? Is this a sexual reference?

    i'm curious
  16. No. :confused_2:
  17. oh shit lol thought yours was the first post, blazed sorry ahah

    but I doubt there'd be that much cum really
  18. ROFL~! I'm packing a bowl myself.

    Toke on!


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