i dont make post when im high. anybody else?

Discussion in 'General' started by hiphopanonymous?, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Probably 90% of all my post are done sobber. When im not high(rare) ill get on the forum for something to do and pass time, but when i am high, like now, i never post.
    This would be my first thread i made while high lol. It is like when im high i just read thread after thread and have a reply in my head but then im just like fuck it it doesnt matter. Occasionally i will post high but its like 1 sentce post lol.
    I see a lot of people say they surf the GC high and wanted to see if anybody is like me lol. Damn it took a solid 10 min to type that i think
  2. Depends, if I'm smoking with my roommate then we're chilling in the living room. If I'm smoking by myself in my room, then I like to 'troll' GC to see what's going on and listen to music.
  3. yaa i know what you mean when im blowed i dont really like to get on here? seems like too much sometimes haha but i do occasionaly. but i know where your coming from
  4. If I'm awake I'm medicated. Since I have to be awake to post on the forums, that would mean that every time I post I'm medicated. SO yeah, pretty much, always medicated.

    Then again I live by the mantra "If you don't want them to know when you're stoned, never let them see you when you're not."
  5. I love posting when I'm baked because I think of really long elaborate posts and then by the time I try to post it, I forget what I was trying to say and instead say something pointless.
  6. I always want to post when I'm high, but I usually forget and end up falling asleep. :| I'd say the majority of my posts here were made stoned though.
  7. Lol, I do that all the time. Sometimes I'll even type half a post and just be like "Ah fuck it....it doesn't matter....someone else will answer this". That or I'll have an answer thought out, click something else, and not come back for an hour to the thread...
  8. I read more, post less when I'm high and on the forums.

  9. Oh i do that all the time haha. ill think of something good to then by the time i get to post i just have a blank mind and it comes out retarded lol.

  10. ive done the same countless times. Type a good solid post then just hit the back button without posting. No fucking lie i just deleted like half this post. i started to ramble on bout nothing lol
  11. I have before, but usually I'm not sitting at my computer while I'm stoned.
  12. ohman i love being high posting... you can actually tell how high i am because when i post its usually sarcasm. but as i sober up shit gets REAL lol
  13. Yeah, its the rambling factor when you're high that makes it hard.

    Like I'll start out responding to the post, then go into some random fuckin story that is only slightly related to the subject if at ALL..... get to the end, and be like, "Dammit nobody wants to read this.....WTF am I talking about?"

    Then I'll just Close Tab.
  14. I don't post when I'm high unless its the "I'm high thread" just cause I spend too much time thinking about what to type then read it back and think to myself 'Fuck this sounds stupid" so I delete it all and forget what the topic was to begin with so I just go get some food to much on and watch tv :eek::smoke::D
  15. It's awesome to know I'm not the only person who types a ton when I'm high then just deletes it cause it sounded better in my head, than it looks on paper :)
  16. when im high i dont like sittin behind a computer unless its late at night..usually wen im high im out with my homies
  17. I love this site when I'm high, I feel like there other people like me when I'm on it. I think I talk and post pretty normal while stoned

  18. your not alone lol +rep
  19. ^^^^^^ditto.
  20. What is Rep? Lol

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