I dont like Simba very much

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  1. In Lion King Simba is sorta an asshole. Only cares about himself and his feelings. There's one part where Timon and Pumba used themselves as bait for the hyenas, and Simba didn't care at all. Timon and Pumba practically raised Simba. Simba meets his best friend and falls back in love with her, totally forgot about his friends.I hate people like that.
  2. Damn, you got people like that in real life haha.
    But Simba is a child. He's also the only child of a supreme and as yet, unchallenged ruler. His behaviour is very characteristic of any child, especially the spoilt son of royalty.
    In the story, this is meant to serve as an initial exercise in character building, the observer has a chance to become familiar with the emotional standpoint of the character. This helps in portraying the overall 'feels' of later events in the story. In this case Simba's evolution from being a naïve, privileged youngen to a well-experienced and grounded heir to a throne.
  4. What about Mufasa, you didn't mention him?
  5. Things is diffrint fo tha king!!!
  6. Mufassa is a classic story-time villain, entitled to what his closest counterpart always had, but was never given himself. hellbent on crushing the very source of all of his life-long jealousy and resentment, regardless of what innocence it destroys in the process. After many years he has grown tired of standing idly by as what should have always been his equal calls all the shots and makes all the decisions.
    Mufassa needed this because it was the only thing that could make him worth HIS OWN while.
    behaviour characteristic of A) the over-shadowed twin, or B) the less favourable choice between 2 similar entities, the lesser, the not-as-good, the unwanted option.
    in luring Simba to almost guaranteed demise, testing the ruler's mettle and just all out rustling his bro's jimmie's,  Mufassa took the ONLY control he had ever had in his entire existence, and it made him feel POWERFULL
  7. Youre thinking of Scar.

    Mufasa, is Simba's father, the ome that Scar killed
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    lol yeh I know, realised this pretty much as soon as I pressed 'post'.
    will resume this detailed analysis of a 20 year old childrens movie tomorrow, when I am less drunk...
  9. I love this thread. A bunch of stoners going into in depth conversations about Simba, and character development in a children's movie. This is why I love GC ❤️Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. I never thought about that man... Simba was a dick... shit... there goes my childhood...
  11. It's his pride man.
  12. Pumba smoked kush for sureSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Ed the hyena is definitely the greatest role model in that movie, and forever
  15. At no point was SImba dickish. He was a kid who never really grew up until he had to fight or his pride. When the girl showed up he was excited to see her and he was  horny. He didnt forget about his friends. He spent every day with them and you say he is a dick for wanting to spend sometime with an old flame? 

    Mufasa probably knew Scar would try and kill him at some point but didnt do so because he was family.
  16. Young Simba, I can't wait to be the king

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