I don't know what to do with my plant, i don't know what stage it's at.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by kevinb, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I have a plant that is like 2 months old or maybe even 3. for two months it was like 6 inches tall then it just randomly got bigger and not its like a foot in a half.. the leafs r nice and healthy not a single one is dry, it has straight sun from about 8 30 am - 6:00pm, the very top has lil hairy things, but its a lil ball of hair i think its more leafs growing because everytime i go there is new leafs on it.. but i dont know what to do or what stage. i just want bud already. the plant is a purple chronic plant because i heard kush was too hard to grow outdoors. i didnt use good soil or anything i just dug a hole in my back yard and it grew.. the dirt doesnt seem to be an issue its a very healthy plant. should i start puting fertilizer on the dirt like sprinkle it on. or what. help please i dont want to ruin this beautiful plant
  2. sounds what stage mine is, its starting to flower, probably a late bloomer, just like mine is too, which in michigan might suck.
  3. here are some pictures of my plant, so if you can please tell me what stage its at.



  4. It's hard to see since the pics are a bit blurred but but from what I can tell you're still quiet a bit away from harvesting them, they barely started budding if at all.
  5. You just need to wait! As for flowering nutes (more phosphorous and potassium), wait until the flowering has begun. Your plant looks good though. I hope it's a female. You can't mistake the sex you'll see white hairs coming out from little figue shaped bulbs (the tiny buds). Males show little balls (after a while they're like clusters of balls but by then they're opening and the pollen is out, no good if other females around ---> seeds). Males show sex before females (2 or 3 weeks before). But hermaphrodites appear with the rest of the budding females. A female will only have the hairs and "figues" and will look homogeneous. Patience! Your strain is probably a late kind but it WILL flower!
  6. cant tell from the pics if its flowering or not, if not should be a week or so.

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