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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by OldSkoolDick, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. At what point of the initial growth will I be able to tell the males from the females? where do I look for the males' balls?
    I'm using 45 watt energy saving flouro "bulbs" rated at 200 watts. If I use enough, can I go all the way with these? I'm currently using 2 w/ 18" of full spectrum flouro stick, but it's only 15 watts. Is this enough power, or is it useless. I figured the full spectrum would provide the extreme wavelengths that conventional flouro don't have.
  2. u start to see the balls of males inbetween the branch and stem.
  3. flouos r good for veging and u should get an hps light for flowering.how many plants?
  4. I have about 12 to 14 healthy sproutlings at about 1 week. I germinated them using a water/bleach mixture, and I had taproots at less than 12 hours.
    Planted in water retaining potting soil in 16 oz cups. I'm using two energy saving 45W flouro bulbs, rated at 200W +_ the 15 watt wide spectrum tube, which I think is becomming redundant.
    I'm finding great deals online on HPS bulbs rated 150 W through 1000W, I'd love to hook some up, do I need a special type of light fixture, like the MH lamps use, or can I use an ordinary lamp (watt rated of course)?
    The whole shebang is set up in a 3X2X1 foot aquarium, which is great for vegging, but will become too small soon. I'd like to move some plants outside, but I live in the desert (average 105F, 15-25% humidity). are these conditions too extreme?
  5. If you can find a place in the yard that is not readily visible, from land or air, but gets good direct morning light and afternoon shade. You have to keep a close eye on the water, and for pot loving pests like grasshoppers, catterpillers, aphids, white flies, etc. In the desert, a green spot will draw pests from miles around.
    My few attempts at outdoors were under the overhanging elm at my back fence. Direct sun from 7:30am to 11:30am, a couple more of filtered, then a few more in shade with bright reflected light from the pale desert sand which is my yard. I grew them among tomatoes and nasturtiums, staking them down to run along the surface. This was in a raised bed I built from an old redwood bedframe. So I didn't have trouble with cutworms, or nematodes, but every flying and hopping creature found it's way here!
    Anyway, if I had real security I would only grow outside. The plants were phenomenal. But I wimped out after a chopper made me nervous, so nothing got to flower. Hope you can work something out! Good luck from your friendly old earth girl
  6. must comment, the bleach thing is just a myth made up by some idiot with intent to do harm. It doesnt help at all, and you'll be lucky if it doesnt kill your little seedlings.
  7. My understanding of the issue is to kill any mold spores, pests/eggs, bacteria and viruses which might attack the root tips as they emerge. In fact it is advised to keep every thing wiped down with mild bleach to discourage mildew, and avoid contamination of the cloning station. I am mainly going by what is written by Ed Rosenthal (u r n my prayers, Knowledgable One) and Jorge Cervantes. But I've found there is no reason to be a fanatic about it. Keep your garden area clear of fallen vegetation and spilled soil and ferts. And wash your hands well before taking cuttings for clones.I've also learned to do my indoor chores first,then work in the yard, then shower and change to clean duds before reentering. Cut the spidermite problems down to nothing.
    Well, my finger tips are starting to blister...

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