I don't know if they are Male/Female.. pictures

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  1. IMG_1395.JPG I don't know if these are male or female. I've had them in the ground for about a month and a half, or around there. I have 5 and I was wondering if anybody could tell by the way they look if they were male or female. This is my second grow sonim new to to this still!
    Thanks a lot

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  2. Zoom in between the nodes so we can give you an accurate answer.
  3. They look pretty healthy to me. Yoh have to inspect the grow tips. Ball clustered = male. White hairs = female. Niether = wait longer
  4. As said above, we would need a closeup picture of an internode. Plants look healthy. You should weed out a good 3feet around the plants. This helps keep bugs down.
  5. Thanks guys. I'll be sure to grab a couple internode pictures the next time I'm at the grow spot! As long as they look healthy that's what matters to me. looking to get a decent yield from these. Fingers crossed

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