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I dont get stoned anymore.. Is it the weed or tolerance? (Pics inside)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zmozony, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. At this point I am so paranoid about my weed that I am just going to make a post about it online. I have been smoking everyday, many times a day, but recently I cant get high anymore and I feel like I am wasting money.

    My dealers (that generally have better weed than the coffeeshops here) dont understand why I complain about their weed, because other people report getting very high off of it.

    I usually get Amnesia from the dealers and also in coffeeshops, but I do try different strains on a daily basis.

    A picture of the weed I am smoking now; weed

    I mean it must be me right?
  2. take a week break from smoking
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  3. Alright, its kinda hard for me to do though :D

    What would you call this weed based of its looks purely? mids - dank?
  4. the weed in the picture is average quality
  5. Ok that makes sense. I dont think I have ever had some dank stuff in that case. Might need to start growing my own.
  6. Just got myself some white widow, already took several tokes, dont really feel a thing.... :mad2:
  7. Take a couple days break, if not a couple weeks to get super baked again! You've just built up quite the tolerance man, it's normal
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  8. Thats that good shit.

    Your just smoking to much mi amigo.
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  9. You said it all in your first post.

    Less is more.

    You kind of have to be disciplined with it to maximize your tolerance. If you're socially smoking all the time then you're SOL but if you are loner toking, it could be just as simply as changing your routine.

    You can't expect the same thing to be absolutely amazing the exact same way the rest of your life (not suggesting you are a boring person)...Treat weed as if it were a relationship, sometimes you need to apart to reassess your relationship and sometimes you just need to get out and DO SOMETHING. Try some new food place, do something crazy, go on a day trip...weed will be there at the end of the day.

    I find when I get stuck in a boring routine, weed only lifts me out of that so long before it does absolutely nothing for me except make me a prick/douche (no idea what your slang is). Tbreaks do help but most often it's the routine that's the problem.

    Humans get BORED. Every time I've been exploratory and adventurous it's like tolerance doesn't even develop for months because I'm still trying to get a handle on the newness of my routine.

    When you have nothing to focus on but cannabis, that mental tolerance builds MUCH MUCH quicker.

    Realize post is a bit scatter brained...but there are two different types of tbreaks I'm espousing here (don't want to get too complicated since each user has unique experiences)

    A tbreak from your normal routine

    A tbreak from cannabis itself.

    Both may be or the other will do the trick...up to you which is necessary.

    Even when my tolerance is sky high and I feel jack shit, when I go out and do something new I can definitely feel it again.
  10. How long does it take to build tolerance? Anyone know off the top of their heads? Because I was feeling that way too where 1 bowl was good for a while but now it takes way more to reach beyond the veil.
  11. I must be a lucky one. I've been pretty much an all day every day smoker for about 25 yrs and still get high af .
  12. Smoking all day everyday builds your tolerance up and you stop feeling high. I suggest youi take a 5 day tolerance break. That first high after 5 days will hit you like a freight train going 100 MPH. BOOM!!!
  13. I am jealous. I can only pray to the great ganja god for such a gift
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  14. Try changing the location you smoke if you normally only smoke in a basement try taking a hike and smoking on top of a mountain or cliff and enjoy nature or the place where you feel the happiest

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  15. Why is that nug hamster size lol no wonder your not getting high
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  16. Cut off your big toe. See if you feel it.

    If not, it is definitely "you".

    Lawd have merthy.
  17. wait til you start dabbing...i smoke flower for fun now. itd have to smoke like to joints to get super high.

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