I don't get it skyrim?

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    Why is it that all the commoners in almost all towns, villages, cities are almost always retarded? Like real fucking dumb. Is Skyrim just a realm for the downs?

  2. ^^

    It would've been funny if there wasn't a question mark after que.
  3. ah sounds like most towns i;ve been to lately.....
  4. hahahah i saw a guy hitting the outside of a smelter with a hammer. its like wtf are you doing man thats not doing anything
  5. I admit it, I laughed. Everytime one of those kids asks me if I want to play tag it makes me want to go kill their kittens.

  6. haha definitely!
    "hey watch out, or I'll prank ya!"
    I will murder you and your entire town. Get out of my way child. :devious:
  7. You've got to admit it is quite fun though, then they randomly kicked me out their game of tag since I was too good at it.
  8. I played tag with the little kids just like you.

    Then I took an arrow in the knee.

  9. Ahhhh good times.
  10. That little girl in whiterun "im not afraid of you i can beat you up"

    Bitch, i kill dragons, what do you do? Rip dolls heads off? I rip Orcs heads off, then i sodomize their throat holes, why dont you just run along and play.

  11. Real men would have shot that bitch in the face with an arrow...

    Then kill all witnesses
  12. [quote name='"HaOsLsE"']

    Real men would have shot that bitch in the face with an arrow...

    Then kill all witnesses[/quote]

    There never are any witnesses... I work from the shadows

  13. i rock the dark brotherhood armor and a nasty daedric bow, hiddden does 3x damage. one shotting mammoths and giants all day :hello:

  14. sounds like no fun.

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