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  1. Does legally growing within the bounds of the law in Michigan give the government any unusual right, or probable cause to search my property without my consent or do they still need a warrant as usual?

    Would I have to let them into my outdoor enclosure to count my plants or should I tell them I still do not consent to a search?

    What if I have 12 plants outside and no plants in my house, and they want to check my house for more plants to see if I'm over?

    What if I have 8 plants outside and 4 plants inside? If they ask if I have more than what are in my outdoor enclosure should I tell them I have only 4 more plants inside and am not over the limit or just do not answer their question? Only say "I do not have more than 12 plants" and leave it at that or completely exercise my right to remain silent?

    If I tell them "Yeah, their's 4 more inside" would that give them search rights to come in my house to count them?

    What if they ask about the 2.5 or 10 OZ deal? If I say I have say 6 OZ then do I have to prove to them it is locked up? Like let them in my house and see where it is locked up?

    I'm no criminal or anything (especially now that weed is legalish), and plan on staying legal with my grow and holdings, but I'm not about to go tossing away my rights letting some snoopy police trounce through my house or some stupid shit..
    "Yeah sure come on in!" - Hell no..

    So what's the scoop?
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  2. So depends on how your state acts and your county. Here in Cali I haven't heard of one person having an issue if they stayed within the plant limit. they just made a huge bust up in the mountains here and took 70 tons of weed down. they were saying the Cali cartel's were running that. So I wouldn't worry about what weight you have off of your plants they really haven't made that clear anywhere yet. But I don't really see them doing much to you if you can prove your plants put out that much stuff just a pictures and keep documentation of what you harvested

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  3. Just stay under the Legal limits and Try not to be a DICK if they show up and question you.
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  4. Just grow your legal limit, atleast your lucky enough to grow in a legal state, if it ever becomes legal in my state youll bet your ass im going to grow the legal amount, no need in pushing something so precious

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  5. Yea it seems real gray because i grew only 4 plants and reached 11 oz dried, (just over limit to have at home) and i started seeds around christmas right before it became "legal" here in MI. But if your not filling a house and trying to make money i think were ok. I dont
    Foresee myself ever needing anywhere near 12 plants to support a personal habbit.
  6. I’m down river Michigan and when I went to municipal building to turn utilities on I asked if the city had any problems with the outdoor grow as long as it was blocked by fence . the lady said to just follow state guidelines. I only have 4 in pots in back yard though.
  7. I think it says something like "or whatever your household grow produces" but only allows for that locked up at your household.. I'll look for the language..

    I already stated that I plan to keep my grow 100% legal. I could have cut a lot of corners already to be barely legal and done so much less work but I want to be legal and am not going to go over 12..

    The law sounds like they want your outdoor enclosure to be hard to break into, so I made mine very hard to break into, above and beyond..
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  8. Michigan Legislature - Section 333.27955
    As bolded in paragraph B it sounds like you can have 10oz PLUS whatever you cultivated on the premises no?

    And bolded in red I guess the answer is "I do not consent".
  9. I read that it cant be visible from neighbor's houses, for instance they if could see it from there upstairs window if they looked out, but i would imagine thats only if they reported it cause there a dick or something. I just do my legal growing indoors away from prying eyes. I look at it as a great thing for MI because im saving so much money after the inital costs, i was spending 400-500/mo between me and my girl every month for bud, that i would call sub par compared to my own home grown and my electricity cost did go up about $100/mo but its way less compared to what i was paying for mid grade bs and i get to smoke way more.
  10. Very easy to go nuts once you have started on the oils etc. Tolerance goes through the roof at one point a few years ahgo I was blazing thru nearly 2 ounces a week because id blown my dopamine receptors from swallowing 2.5ml of RSO per day for nearly a month. I was literally flying around lol.
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  11. Michigan Laws & Penalties - NORML - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws

    Sounds like I can have locked in my house 10 oz of free weed distributed to me AND whatever I can get off 12 plants..
  12. That would mean that you have to have the top covered.... no.
    In Vermont, they indicate that you need a locked barricade fence; blocked from 'view' and inaccessible.
  13. Everyone here that is trying to obey the law says you must have atleast a chickenfence roof completely over your grow enclosure, the exterior walls have to be heavy gauge fence like chainlink, the only way in has to be a locked door, and you cannot see plants from "adjacent property" or any building window on any "adjacent property"...

    Most people have plastic covering the exterior chainlink or wood slat walls so their plants cannot be seen from "ground level" of any adjacent property..
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  14. That is what i have read too, i just prefer to not risk anyone knowing (or smelling) theres more to worry about than the just law, LOL. and i stay the city so i just do legal indoors yay MI.
  15. In Oregon it’s you can only have 4 plants in flower at a time. So plants vegging while others are flowering I’m assuming won’t be a big deal. But I also don’t draw any attention to myself or tell others what’s goin on with me.
  16. You would need to read your state law. In NM cops have right to inspect any grow without a warrant. It is a condition of holding a medicinal growing permit in the state. It varies state to state.
  17. That definition is from the medical grow law. The new rules for recreational growing do not mention adjacent property or fixed structure, it states "must not be visible from a public place without the use of binoculars, aircraft, or other optical aids" and the only guidelines on the enclosure state "enclosed area equipped with locks or other functioning security devices that restrict access to the area." but it doesn't define what "enclosed area" means.

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  18. LE will do whatever they feel like at the time, and get away with it.
    "OOPS!" "Sorry 'bout that" "Case dismissed, you're free to go" (home to where your plants used to be)

    Having cash to layer up may well make a difference. But even that's after the evidence has been pulled from the ground.
  19. I am in MI and have 12 in my back yard and my neighbors can see it if they look hard, I read it as my neighbors house is a privet residence not public property. And from 12 plants to 24 is a civil infraction ticket with a $100.00 fine anything over 24 is a felony. I have a chain link fence with neighbors on 3 sides one knows what it is and doesn't care the other 2 are women in there 70s. Its gonna be a fun experiment this summer to see what happens.
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