I did it!!!!! ....:(

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  1. Well I have quit smoking weed for the time being :eek:

    Could be months could be years (but probably not years).

    Lately (even since I took shrooms back in late November really) I have been feeling so disconnected and depressed with just my entire environment...I felt out of place, walking to class I couldn't look any of the people walking by me in the eye. Maybe I'm exaggerating but I really felt so uncomfortable doing a small thing like walking to class.

    Whenever I would get high I would just find myself thinking for 30 solid minutes about the stupidest shit that would really depress me (being poor, not working, not working as hard I should to improve my situation, being out of shape, etc) and these thoughts just kept reoccurring...

    Well I decided to just stop. I'm going to wait around 2 months and try it again see where I feel, if it feels as great as it did in the past I'll get back to using it recreationally.

    You could call this a tolerance break but really my tolerance is not the problem, I still get high as fuck, its just my highs aren't fun. They just aren't. I hope I can get back to using MJ how it is intended and just enjoy myself, until then I bid you adieu Miss Jane...

    Just felt like getting this all out for once.
  2. Best of luck man:)

    It's always good to have a break for a while.
  3. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. When I was in highschool i was only doing it every couple of weeks or so and I remember being really happy when i was high, but now I smoke more frequently i don't get happy per se but rather just feel different.

    Let me know how it goes man.
  4. I'm with you, dude. I haven't been enjoying my highs as much as I used to. I'll take a break in the future, but probably only for a week or two. Good luck! You're doing the right thing, life comes first.
  5. Well, that's good to hear. Maybe try finding a job to solve the boredom problem, the issue of you being poor, and it will keep your mind off smoking. Best of luck!
  6. Thanks guys...glad to see I'm not alone. I'll probably still post a shit ton because there's still a lot of free time at college lol.

    edit; Yes I applied for a job in the cafeteria thats on campus, everyone gets hired there so should be no problem.
  7. Good luck man.

    I wish I had self control, but I fucking smoked weed today.

    Ugh. I wish I had will power...

  8. You might not have hit your 'saturation' point like I did. I was feeling terrible when I was high, paranoid and depressed and just flat out unhappy. It wasn't about regaining tolerance it was just not a good experience and it kept happening and I finally just decided to quit even though I still had a lot of good bud...

    For you your break is probably more about regaining tolerance than climbing out of depression, so its a lot harder to control yourself...but if you get to a point where you know getting high would only make you feel sad you wouldn't do it I'm guessing.

    Anyway good luck man :smoking:
  9. If you didn't have the willpower, those lips wouldn't be wet and that's just not right.
  10. The same thing kinda happened to me. The day or two after I did shrooms I just felt like shit, and I was really depressed and just didn't want to do anything. By that went away after a couple days like I said. Hope everything works our for you. And good luck
  11. You said this started happening after you did shrooms? Did you have a bad trip? Because that could be the reason, and that really sucks. I hope you get better. I think this happens to a lot of people when the smoke everyday also, it kinda did for me but then i started smoking maybe every couple days and that made my enjoy it better.

    Also smoking with friends helps so much, because your high and you will be happy because you are having fun. Because weed sort of opens your mind when you smoke alone you might start thinking bad thoughts because there is no one to talk to.
  12. Actually I didn't do anything for a couple weeks after shrooms then when I back into smoking and drinking I felt alright but not as euphoric as before...Then in late December a full month after shrooms I started feeling bad and that continued this past week.

    I had a really good trip for the most part, the come down was no fun but it wasn't that crazy, I just felt like mentioning the shrooms trip because that's when it started going downhill.

    And yes DEFINITELY right on the last part. I smoke with friends only but still have some weird experiences and I feel kind of paranoid. Plus if I smoke with them I feel like smoking alone at times later on in the day and sometimes its not worth it to walk across campus to them in freezing temperatures lol.
  13. It is possible for weed to make your emotions stronger. For example, your really happy, smoke, then you're happier. Maybe your a little depressed and the weed is making it worse?

    Good call on taking a break, hope all goes well.
  14. Good luck on your break son. Just remember that when you're feeling down;
  15. There's some quote (Bob Marley I think) that basically says smoking the herb reveals you to yourself.

    Maybe you're having all those doubts and bad feelings because they're actually real? Try and work on the things you felt bad about or thought about too much, and maybe your highs will be fun again.

    Good luck! :)
  16. Honestly you just need to take a 1 week or two break and start taking daily multivitamin tabs and stay hydrated (water / juice). then when you smoke, smoke your usal bowl or joint. and you will notice a difference. it's just your bodies way of making you stop because smoking depletes vitamin B and you need that when your getting high and other vitamins. that's why it's important. the reason why eyes get red because dehydration. being high does use up water in your system.
  17. I felt the same exact way as you for a while. if your anything like me, then you should turn back to normal fairly quickly and you might not even want to ever smoke again. I sure didn't before I picked up this 8th of blueberry tonight :smoking: .... but really i felt so much better even just 4 days after I stopped smoking. Now I have this dank 8th and I don't even wanna smoke it. I'm just going to hold on to it for a while until I get really bored one day.
  18. Correct! I am definitely an anxious person, depressed inside, and poor. But constantly thinking about that isn't going to make it any better, I got kind of scared of constantly thinking about it because it just made my life seem more miserable than it really is...I have friends, I can kind of afford to go to a good college, and I have a chance to make something of myself.

    I would rather not constantly think about how depressed and poor I am all the time, which hopefully I won't do next time I smoke.

    Yes, I always stay hydrated but I forgot the B-vitamins part...I recently bought some vitamins going to keep taking them daily. Thanks for the advice.
    Yes I might quit for awhile...hell maybe even for years until my life gets on track, if it ever does that is wouldn't want to jinx it :eek:
  19. Your gonna have to get your life together man

  20. Bob Marley also said believe it or not:

    "Too much herb will hurt you"

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