I delete things from my computer but i get no memory back?

Discussion in 'General' started by kuruption253, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. wtf? Im extremely low on memory so I've been deleting things left and right, but im not getting any memory back. i had a low amount to begin with (6 GB) but now im almost completely out, is it possible to get any back?

    NOTE: when i say memory i might be talking about hard drive space, i dunno if theres a difference.
    This is what i mean
  2. do a disc clean and defrag
  3. Holy shit, your computer only has 6 GBs? Wow. I think you should forget about deleting stuff and get a new one instead.
  4. lol dude my old ass computer ive had ever since i can remember thats as big as a fuckin refrigerator has like 10 gigs.........

    i know your not gonna like this question, but did you delete them out of the recycle bin too??? sometimes the answers so simple u cant see it

  5. For serious, dude. Or just buy another hard drive...though they're a pretty penny.

    I've got 38.5G on my computer, and 29 of it is used up :eek:
  6. Yeah, you're talkin about hard drive space, which is very different than memory. Memory is temporary, and cleaned out when you turn off your computer... Hard drive space is permanent storage space...

    You should go to "Add/Remove Programs" in the Control Panel and try removing shit that way. You might only be deleting the short-cuts... And yeah, clean disk/defrag are your friends, too...

    In all seriousness, though, you prolly wanna get a bigger hard drive. You can get a nice one pretty cheap if ya look a little.

  7. Yea sorry to say but maybe you should start looking to invest in a new hard drive :eek:.

    Trust me it'll be worth it.
  8. Yeah i remove the programs through "add/remove programs" but still nothing. could someone tell me what defrag means?

    and to answer the lack of GB question, i used to have two hard drives but the bigger one just died or fried or somethin........ sucked cuz there was a bunch of stuff on that one that i cant get now. I'll get around to getting a new one eventually, its just never been an issue until now
  9. friends having the same problem so id like to see if theres any other solutions, delete everything in your C:/Documents & Settings/your username/Local settings/temporary internet files, i dunno if that'll help but its worth a try and cleared up over a gig for my friend, you should really get a new computer though 6GB is nothing, i have 183GB , 111 on C & 72 on D.
  10. I feel your pain kuruption253, my 1 TB harddive is nearly full :(
    <250 GB harddrives are dirt cheap now, you should pick one up.
  11. I'm no pro. but here's a basic explanation: When you put shit on your computer, it's assigned a certain spot on your HD. Over time (adding, removing, and using files/programs) this stuff gets mixed up (fragmented)... When you run the defrag, the computer is taking the files, and un-fragmenting them, so to say. It's putting them back in their respective spaces on the HD, and will help your computer run faster and more efficiently.

    To defrag go to your Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter. You'll probably want to run a "Clean Disk" first. This will allow you to clear your cashe and temporary files. The Defragmenter requires a bit of space to run, and you might not have enough, so the clean disk should help out with that.
  12. did you empty the recycle bin?
  13. That is a good question indeed.

    If you do not want to worry about emptying out your Recycle Bin, hold down the shift key when you delete something. :)
  14. rofl a 6 gb hard drive
  15. If you have a 6gb hard drive you probably shouldn't run XP. Try Linux, it will speed up your system a lot.
  16. time to upgrade your HD
  17. Quoted due to the likely cause of your problem... Many times i've neglected to empty the bin for a couple weeks and there's been GIGS of stuff in there...

    But most other people here have the right idea... 6gb drive is ridiculously small, the best option would be to buy a bigger one.
  18. ...Is that possible?

    On a side note, kuruption253, do what everyone's been suggesting. Defragging your HD will definitely add some space, but you really need a bigger one, and a decent external hard drive won't run you too much money.
  19. yes it is, especially when your a digital artist making animations with very large textures and have individual frames rendered out of several 5+ animations that are over meg each (30 frames a second, you do the math)... or someone whose a audio/video packrat... or someone who has decent porn collection :p
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