i deep should i plant the seeds and...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by cabalot, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. next spring i want to plant my first crop ever. i live in new jersey and dont want to plant the seeds to deep or too early in the season to avoid frost. the soil here doesn't look to good, its eather sand or clay. i think potting soil would be a good idea.
    when is the best time mid-May?
    how deep should i plant the seeds?
  2. Plant after you are shure that the last frost is over. Poting soil is a good idea and some manure and or compost worm casting would help also. About 1 inch should be good for seed depth.

    I like to start my plants indooors so you can baby them. It makes the most survival rates and saves seeds and energy growing males. Also you can get 100% sensi by cloning and sexing then puting out.

    If your using bagseed try to get more then one dealers bagseed in a attemt to get another strain or at lest a diffrent family member bagseed. But if your area is like mine sensi is the norm. So its going to cost for some quality seeds at least 2$ a seed wich can add up if they all go to waste in the wild.

    If you are going the outdoor sprouting meathod. Some slug repellent and beertraps to stop a slug invasion. Ladybugs and praying mantis together should keep all types of bugs away.

    Good luck. Get started on your plot soon to allow time for manure decay. Im wating till after harvest for saftey reasons but it would be more optimal to do it while its warmer because manure and organic materials composts much better in the warm.


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