I DARE YOU Try This Stunt @ Home…

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  1. Where is YOUR Erogenous zone located?

    I don\"t know where my erogenous zone is (^_~), so my bf has volunteered to look for it… :)

    We would very much appreciate some replies to deviate from the zone every once in a while… It would make the search much more fun that way. lol

    Can you help him find it :confused:

    Disclaimer: We are NOT responsible for STD\"s nor unwanted pregnancies incurred during the search for you playmate\"s erogenous zone.
  2. can you guess? ;)
  3. Why ruing the fun for me when he gets to have fun being my guinea pig so I can learn to … :D
  4. Whats an errogenous zone?And why does your boyfriend want me to help find yours?Are you hitting on me?
    Peace,I think
  6. (^_~)


    did i reply to this post before? i dont remember doing so...
    BUT nevertheless...id will say this..LMAO. hahahahahahahahahahahah okay, so you dont \"STRAY\" from the \"erogenous\" zone well jesus. SEX MUST BE FUN FOR YOU THEN. jesus christ. do you do anything else except let him poke you when the time to reproduce is in order? really, den, stop playing dumb here...go to church or something ..jesus.
  7. ROFL

    Sensi... the fun is in search\'n... :D
  8. Oh... ! i didnt know...lol
  9. Are you trying to tell me something. :(
  10. This is the part where I\'m suppose to say something sexual and make it seem as if I\'m making an advance, but I won\'t say what I really want to say.


    Something along the lines of can...split...(rhymes with split) ;)

    Never an offence taken babe. Still playing. -big grin-

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