I cut my balls and my parents kicked me out

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Forkit, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Well the other day I was shaving my balls with a razor and I cut my ballsac. I ran 2 wrap my balls in cloth because my balls were bleeding everywhere and I took a seat down. Anyways my balls were bleeding fairbit so I wanted to take my mind of my balls so I started wanking over Tyra Banks and my parents walk in and they like wtf cos i was sitting there bleeding and wanking. They kicked me out of the house. What do i tell them, what do i do?
  2. hahahahahahahah man, that's so funny..

    i'd just apologize profusely.. they're your parents, they have to love you even if they think you're a sick perv
  3. WTF, instead of you giving me advice you call me a "sick perv?" This is real man I'm crashing at a friends house tonight but I cant be there forever.
  4. OMG dude thats so funny i laughed and i just got busted so yeah thats funny:smoking:
  5. Why does a troll trim his nads?
  6. I'm sorry, that's pretty funny, but I'm not going to be like brewsky.

    Really though I would apoligize and tell them that you cut yourself, if that do not believe you do not whip out your dick and yell look mom and dad. But seriously, tell them you were crazily moving around because you were bleeding and it hurt, but if it was obvious that you were choking the chicken like lotion everywhere, then idk.

    Good luck, warm regaurds.

  7. sorrrrrrrrrrry, i didn't mean you are a sick perv, but that is probably how it looks to them right??

    maybe you can tell them you're embarrassed, you had just shaved and did not realize you were bleeding
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    double post.
  9. You had parents living with you under that bridge?

  10. What was that? Sorry, i dont speak troll

  11. How do you expect people to act? every given day there is people smoking weed and going to this site. You just cut your balls off and you expect people to not laugh at you, or not to call you names ? its just to funny like who openly admits they cut there own balls open, and then needs advice on what to do ? heres some advice. if you dont want people to judge or laugh at you dont share stories about your balls.

    Balls, sharp edges and blood shouldn't be in the same story .


  12. hahahaha omg that is ridiculously funny, sorry man. I dunno, just say that its stupid to kick you out because you were caught masturbating. Or with your balls cut.
  13. HAHA What a Dick!
  14. wow that sucks. just explain to them. i gotta think this is a troll though lol.
  15. Darwin award material
  16. t-r-o-l-l
  17. Guys, I am NOT a troll. Just look at my post history if you dont believe me. I dont like to waste my time and yours posting untrue shit.

    The incident is REAL, and I really did get kicked OUT. I'm gonna smoke a bowl soon with my friend and his brother to relieve this embarrassing event.

    I'm gonna go back and apologize tomorrow. I'll keep you all updated. Thanks for those who posted serious replies.

    To those laughing at my misery and calling me a troll -- go f**k yourself!
  18. Why the fuck would your parents kick you out of the house just because you were masturbating with blood on your balls?
    You could have easily played it off because it may have been your time of the month, your mom would understand.
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    I don't know why anyone would make a story like that up...but u shoulda expected ppl to react the way they did. kinda fucked up man...jacking off to tyra banks while your balls where bleeding? if my balls where bleeding wanking it would be the last thing on my mind
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