I Cut Beaches Like You Would Flowers And Put The Bottoms In Cups Of Water In My Micro Grow Box.

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Joey Metro, Jun 8, 2013.

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    I grow in soil. I hate the taste of unplugged plants. I figured cut the stems and put them in water like you do flowers. I am going to regenerate plant that is in the soil left lower branches that had small growth on it. In a week I will start drying what I cut.
    I will post how it turns out.

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    Not Beaches but Branches, dam spell checker. lol
    unplugged plants wtf, unflushed.
  3. Haha I was like "Wow I don't have any idea what this guy is talking about. I don't know shit about growing" But then you corrected yourself.
  4. im sure the name of this thread will attract some views, I know I opened it wanting to know what the hell beaches were haha
  5. First of all i almost fell out of my chair laughing about your post. Secondly please can you explain more about your idea, i do not have completely understood what you want to do and what is your target.
  6. I have done regeneration in the past. The plant comes back on 24 hours of light. But flushing the plant when it is in a nice organic soil doesn't work for me. I cut the branches and put them in cups of water. Kind of like what you do with flowers in the house. So my branches are sacking in the water and not getting any nutts. I am hoping for a less fertilizer taste when I'm done. I figure after the cups of water are empty I will leave them in the grow box with no light.
  7. I post from my phone and the spell checker changes stuff on me. lmao.
    after a few days I will start curing in jars.


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