I could use a little bit of bong advice...

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  1. So I'm in the market for a bong and I've done my research. Searched threads and looked up what is good and what isn't.

    I've decided on this:
    HVY Glass - 9 mm Clear Beaker 15"
    14/18 mm downstem

    B. Wilson - Clear Disc Screen Slide - 14 mm

    Alex K - 14/18mm - Shower Head Downstem - 4 1/2"

    Now the bong is where I need the advice. I like that it is 9mm but it doesn't have an ice catcher which kind of bothers me.

    I want to spend about 150-200 on the actual bong. Do you guys have any suggestions for other bongs I should consider or is this set up pretty good already?
  2. If you're willing to settle with 5mm glass you can find a nice HVY in your price range on aqua.
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    If you really want the Ice pinch you could look at the 7mm tubes or the PHX 7mm. All in all that is a good setup, and an ice pinch isn't that big a deal to me. Some people love them, and I like having the option, however, I rarely use ice..only if the strain I have is particularly harsh. Otherwise, cold water is plenty. I like the hit to be smooth, but not cold..I find it tastes better not cold and is easier to hit so long as it is smooth. Other people like the cold taste and prefer it most of the time...so its really just opinion. 7mm glass is pretty strong, just not quite the tank that 9mm glass is, so I wouldn't worry too much about durability with 7mm.

    Edit...my bad, I dont see any hvy 7mm. You could always go with the straight tube, unless you just prefer the beaker.

    And also, I can't say I would recommend it because I know fairly little about it, but I have read a few good reviews on the Glasscity bubblishious. Personally I would go with other companies just because I know them, have seen them, and know their quality first hand, but it may be worth the time to check it out more.
  4. The setup is decent already. Ice catchers are overated in my opinion...I think tubes looks better without them to.

    I think your going in the right direction, you just gotta learn for yourself what you like and don't.
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    Thanks for the feedback, I may just decide to get it anyway and live without an ice catcher. I like beakers and I'm having trouble finding one I like more than this one that has an ice catcher

    edit: another thing, if the alex k diff is 14/18, do I need to get an 18 b wilson clear disc screen?

  6. 14mm slide. The 14/18 is 14 on the inside of the downstem, where the bowl goes, and 18 on the outside, where the downstem connects with the tube.
  7. get the straight tube 9mm. looks like it has an ice pinch. also straight tubes ftw. gonna be a nasty setup when you get it. i also have the ben wilson and alex k combo.
  8. I was seriously considering that, but I like beakers. I think I'll take about a week to think things over before I buy anything. Who knows, maybe I'll have a change of heart and go with the straight

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